This little picture always makes me smile! Its of my hubby and my little girl this summer!(2014) Aren’t they just the cutest! 😀 they were running about all day in the sun having a blast soaking each other! I think my little chicken won and daddy ended up soaked! Thankfully they were only little squirters and didn’t really soak you too much when you got in her way!

Pictures are great because they really bring back some great memories! Today we picked up our wedding album, it’s so lovely and all the pictures remind me of the fantastic day we had! Ones of my little girl dancing away and having the time of her life, ones of me with my sister and I can remember the conversations we were having and laughing at the photographer for asking us if we can do certain poses and telling us to talk and ask natural.. We looked at each other and just laughed and were saying how can you act natural when he is pointing a camera in your face! Lol! Aw it was such a lovely day! The best fun we had was dancing about like a fool.. Maybe a little drunk .. And just letting it all go 🙂 I was the happiest girl alive, I got to marry my best friend! He still is my best friend and always will be! He is just so dam awesome! Minus how much loudly he eats… But hey we all have flaws 😉

Some people like to hide there flaws and pretend they are perfect, but I wear my flaws on my sleeve. I would rather accept them and let them be known then hide them away and then people be disappointed when they find them out. We all have flaws, no one is flawless so hey best to just accept and deal with them! 😀

Just a short post tonight; tired and really want a wee snuggle with the hubby and bump!
Weeohana xx

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