Imagination and baking!

How do the minds of little ones work?

I would love to know the answer if anyone has it? My little ones mind seems to jump from one thing to another so quickly! Her imagination is fantastic! Today several times i have had to put on my imaginary gloves, hat and scarf and play in the snow and make snow angels! She hasn’t even really seen snow! Well.. She did once when she was about one but not loads of snow for building snow men in, and she was only one so would she really remember! She was making me build a snowman too, we were rolling the imaginary ball about the floor until she was completely satisfied it was big enough then doing another for his head, putting eyes on and all the rest! I was fascinated by her knowing how to do this, though I suppose she must have seen it on t.v? Oh I know where! The snowman and the snow dog, she loves that little short film! I have watched it many times and it always gets me in the mood for Christmas! I can’t wait for it as she will be able to enjoy it fully.. Just fingers crossed, I’m not in labour or in hospital over Christmas or I will cry more than just a normal woman in labour šŸ˜‰


When my hubby came in from work he was put the test of imagination too, as you can see from the picture above! He was having to pretend he was in a sled and she was his snow dog pulling the sled for him! She went nuts every time she let go and kept saying “no daddy, hold my tshirt” lol! She is a mad one for sure! After that she made them go into there snow cave and hug for warmth while tickling there ten babies.. I hope she realises I never plan to have ten babies!!
They then had to play doctors and daddy had to lay on the floor while she did his heart for him and he then made a beeping noise every time she pushed his tummy! This amused her greatly, so much so I think this lasted for about half an hour! Mind you I was grateful to be able to just sit down for a while without having to run about like mad!!

When I picked her up from nursery she wanted to do some baking, so that’s what we did! I cheated a little as we had one of those packs where you just add water and an egg then mix and hey presto, yummy cup cakes! She had such a blast making these and tasting them before they were done, to which she informed me tasted nicer than when cooked! We also made some cookies which the hubby was chuffed with when he got in from work! She loves baking and making a mess! I think the best bit though is tasting it as you go along! Here is a few pictures of what the final outcome was like and how great she is at tasting and doing her new “cheese puppy dog eyes” the cookies was a very simple recipe, I just made the mistake of mixing the chocolate buttons in to the mix, in the mixer so they all got destroyed and putting them all in the oven at once! Oops! Though still taste great!





Sorry if the images are a little huge! Still not sure on how to make them a normal size! Heading down to see my sister soon and hopefully she will be able to teach me!
WeeOhana xx

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