Lies, pregnancy & cats!

Hiya guys!
Sorry I haven’t blogged the past two nights! My little one hasn’t been to fond of sleeping.. Much to my enjoyment. :/

Recently I have realised how much crap we tell our children just so they do what we want! For example, I heard a lady say to her child today; “don’t touch that or the man will come and put you out the back door with the rubbish” it gave me a little giggle, but just made me think! Kids would end up petrified of leaving the house if they really did listen to what we say to them! I decided from now on I’m going to try and be as honest as I can be with my little one, minus Santa and so forth, can’t ruin the magic! Can you imagine if the shop keeper did take her child and put her out with the rubbish, she wouldn’t have been to chuffed then!

You hear people telling children, oh if your bad I’ll get the police officer to come and get you, but do you not really want children to trust policemen? What if something was to happen to them, or they get lost when out! Surely we want them to be able to go and speak to a police officer and ask them for help or tell them that they are lost! Rather than running away from them thinking they will put them in jail for being bad! I’m just not convinced that telling them all these things to make them do what we want isn’t such a great idea! From now on… I’m just going to use chocolate as a bribe! Lol! It works better than scaring her half to death anyway!

This whole pregnancy malarky hasn’t been fun this time round.. Was sick constantly at the start, then got ill, always one thing after another, and today has been extremely sore back day.. Bending down, sitting, picking up my ever demanding daughter.. Ugh! It’s a nightmare! Even standing and walking isn’t the most comfiest.. I swear it looks like I have out a ball up my t-shirt! The kids are gonna think I stole there ball when they lose it next! So amongst the back pain, I feel like my belly is going to explode from how much he wants to get out and how big I am now! Also baby Is sitting so low down when he kicks or anything I can feel it in my bum… Seriously what is up with that! When I was pregnant with my daughter she was so high my ribs were constantly sore! Least I don’t have that problem this time, just many, many others! I was fooled thinking it would be as easy going as my last one… Don’t think I suit pregnancy.. Not to convinced on doing this again.. And I haven’t even done the birth part yet! What do you think about the ball up the top look?


13 weeks today till my due date, the time has seriously flown in! We are not ready at all.. Though we do have the clothes and cot and everything.. Just doesn’t feel like we are ready as still loads to do like moving my little one into the big room, getting it painted for her, then painting the nursery etc.. Though I suppose that isn’t as drastic and needs doing as the baby will be in with us until he is about 6 months! Just seems so crazy how quick the time has went! Only feels like yesterday we were at our first scan! On a good note, I have a scan on the 29th to see how well the baby is growing and so forth as my last one was static growth! So they are keeping a close eye this time! All last scan I had he was breech and I have a feeling he still is which isn’t great!!


Oh and lastly .. My little girl decided that this cat.. Is now her cat! I have a feeling we may have him visiting looking for more food very shortly! I told her that Mr cat had to go and find his mummy .. She decided on the Mr cat! She replied with.. No he doesn’t like his mummy, I’m his new mummy! She then ran after him as he was walking up the garden, to which I expected him to run even faster.. He just sat down and wagged his tail like a dog… I think this cat likes my little girl too!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Back to work tomorrow.. Yay!!
Weeohana xx

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