The past few nights we have had a few Halloween rhymers at out door, I suppose living in a housing development it is expected but it has made me think how bizarre this whole Halloween thing is! We constantly tell our children, don’t talk to strangers, don’t take sweets from strangers and the likes. On Halloween we change these rules, how confusing must this be for little ones! Not only do we tell them to take sweets, we tell them to knock the door of strangers houses and ask for sweets & if they don’t give them any I suppose they are meant to do a trick on them! I haven’t ever been trick or treating, as my mum didn’t like it, so I suppose this may be why I don’t understand it!  I am in two minds if I want to let me three year old do it, mainly because she is only starting to understand that strangers could be danger! She has only just started to be weary of who picks her up and who talks to her, which I am delighted by and have been trying to get her to understand for a while now! Will sending her out on Halloween with her daddy to other peoples houses really help her in the learning curve that she has only just started and took so long to get her to start it? I don’t want her to go backwards in this learning curve, because before she really would have just taken the hand of any stranger who gave her a smile and a hello! Add in someone giving her sweets and I can picture her just running into there house and making herself right at home! Maybe next year she will have learnt completely about this, and then will be bale to go trick or treating and resume back to normal the next day? I just think it is hard for a three year old to process that this is only for one day.. she will be running out of the house trying to knock on doors for sweets for the rest of the month If I let her.. but am I a killjoy if I stop her? what compromises is there?

Hubby has said just n the street and to the people we know.. which to her is about two houses in which she knows who lives in them, yes she does know some of the other people, hubby knows them all.. but to her they are still strangers?

Am I just being an over protective mother?

So; is it really ideal to set her back in her learning just so she can get some free sweets? Or should we just have a ‘spooky’ themed day, go out and buy some pumpkins, sparklers,  toffee apples, sweets and some ‘scary’ movies then  camp in the living room do all the fun things like dunking for apples and so forth! Go shopping for all the ‘treats’ dressed up too? I’ll let you know tomorrow what the outcome is and what the hubby wants..
What do you guys do?

Have a safe and happy Halloween whatever you do!
WeeOhana x

7 thoughts on “Halloween..?

  1. I think the idea of trick or treating in today’s world is not scary. It’s terrifying. Especially if you live in a city and don’t know your neighbors well. I think starting new traditions or getting back to Halloween’s traditional roots seems more appropriate! I like your ideas!!!


    • Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of it, and I don’t like it when random people knock on my door! So I Sony see why I should get my little one to do it to others!
      I’m just hoping I can get the hubby to agree! 😀


  2. So did your little one go out trick or treating? We didn’t do much. I don’t like the idea of trick or treating either (I especially agree with your point about not asking strangers for sweeties!). In the day time we went for a walk on the promenade and looked at the Halloween decorations. They were a bit too scary for the Boy. Babby wasn’t really interested though. In the evening we got some sparklers and had some spooky chocolate at home and that was it!


    • Hi jools! Lovely to hear from you!
      Well, she ended up going trick or treat.. Kind of, new blog explains it best 😉 lol!
      Sounds like you guys had a lovely day! My little one wasn’t to loving of the decorations in the shop, but wanted to buy all the bat things! Yeah baby maybe a bit to little to even notice what was going on! Sparklers are always great, how did I forget about them!
      Turnip?! Was that not super hard to carve!


  3. I never did trick or treating as a child so I’m never quite sure about it either, Princess loves dressing up but luckily she gets excited enough about people knocking on the door and seeing their costumes and giving them sweets – she hasn’t worked out that she could be the one going around other people’s houses, ha ha!


    • Yeah! I think it’s because I didn’t do it I’m so unsure!
      Lucky that she has yet to figure that out! Though I don’t think my little monkey would have either as we didn’t have many people coming here but the hubby was determined to take her out! I suppose we all have different ways we were brought up and traditions so have to bend a bit to suit everyone’s!
      When your little princess works out she can get sweets rather than giving them out though you may have a hard time! All kids love sweets! 😛


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