Birth Story!

First off; I really must apologise for how long it has been since I last blogged! I was just starting to get the hang of it and having regular views and the such, which I’m super chuffed about and hoping that this will start
up again now that I am back on track and going to be blogging on a regular basis!
Now that I have got the apology in I will fill you in with what was happening and I’m sure you guys will forgive me! ;]

The end of my pregnancy was pretty tough, if you have read my other blogs from earlier you will know how I was having a horrible and long struggle with my SPD/PGP. The hospital agreed to inducing me at the least on my due date because of the pain and how much I was struggling and having to rely on other people 24/7 to do everyday life things! My hubby decided to then take two weeks off before my due date to help me around the house/entertaining our three year old! Three or so weeks before my due date my back pain got a little easier and I was finding walking a little easier (finally!!)
I was also running (well trying to but really having t get other people to do it for me) about getting the final bits and pieces sorted.
Then at 37 weeks I went up to the hospital for the to decided what to do, I was given the sweep and the lady was pretty convinced that it would work as I was already 3cm, If it didn’t I had an appointment booked for when I was 38+2 to book a date for induction! So after the sweep I was on edge or the next two days waiting for things to kick in as they say that if a sweep is going to work it will be within 48 hours. After noting I was a bit disheartened but had got to the stage where I didn’t mind if he wanted to stay in a little longer as I didn’t feel ready at all!

My hubby then finished work and on his first night off we had a lovely quiet night in watching movies, eating goodies and the sorts! Felt really close, and lovely and was rather excited to a week or so of nights full cuddles and closeness before we had a baby to look after! Then on the second night off, movies and such but I was feeling a bit off colour and crampy! I put it down to him moving down and just the general braxton hicks that people get!

At 4:30am I woke up to a whole load of pain, I got up and went to the toilet and walked about to see if they stopped and they had seemed to, I jumped(not literally :P) back into bed beside my hubby and another really strong contraction came and I woke him with the rolling about in agony malarky! After a few of these we decided it was time to call my mum to come over as she was the one who got the luck of minding my three year old! When she got here I called the hospital to let them know what was happening and what they wanted me to do. They told me my contractions weren’t lasting long enough.. they were every threeish minutes lasting 40 seconds. They wanted me to wait till they were every three minutes lasting a minute each. This was about 5:30am! My mum made me a lovely cup of sugary tea and some chat in between these lovely contractions while my wonderful hubby.. slept on the bloody sofa!! It then got to 7:00am and my mum told me to phone the hospital again as she could see that they were getting pretty darn intense! They then told me to go up as she could tell even though they weren’t lasting the minute that they had wanted them too that they had strengthened a good deal! I had to wake up the hubby (how he slept through me pacing a swearing I will never know!) to take me to the hospital so that they could check me and see what was really going on! After a very painful car journey and walk to the maternity unit I was finally checked and they were amazed that I was already 7cm! Thankfully for me, I was dreading hearing the news I was 4cm, don’t think I could have survived if they had told me that! They offered me gas and air while they took me up to the labour ward but I refused as didn’t want to start relying on it to early and I also remember how sick and dizzy it had made me with my first! When I got on the labour ward I was introduced to my lovely midwife (who was fantastic!) & got asked if I would mind a student midwife in the room. I agreed, because they have to learn someway right! I am so glad that I agreed as she was just wonderful and afterwards was great support .. but I’ll get to that shortly! They then hooked me up to the heart monitor for little man and got the gas and air, though personally I think I used it more to bite on rather than to use it how it was intended as it was again making me feel sick and lightheaded and I didn’t like that feeling! The little mans heart rate was dropping a bit to much with a good couple of my contractions so the midwife went out to get someone else to look at the machine and so forth and see what they thought. The other midwife told her to keep an eye and if it kept dropping so low to get her to come back in and decide what to do! Thankfully very quickly after the other midwife left, I got a strong urge to push. My midwife and her student helper then started to get everything ready, turning the machines etc on!
she then checked me after setting it all up and I was 9.5cm dilated. (at this stage I had to hit my hubby on the knee to wake up as he had yes, as you can guess. Fallen asleep again.) So i woke the hubby and I started having to push; and at 9:51am on the 9th of December my handsome little man was born! He was put straight on my for skin to skin contact! After a few pictures you guessed it, the hubby was asleep again. My little boy had been born with his cord around his neck, so I am extremely thankful to both midwifes for dealing with this so quietly and quickly without panicking me, from having a nosey through the notes his arms and legs were blue when he was born so I am so thankful, if thy had of panicked or even taken an extra minute to realise and sort it out, he may not be here!
After he was born and I was enjoying some skin to skin several midwives rushed into the room as I was staring to bleed very heavily. I had to have a drip inserted to have some sort of drug that would help to stop the bleeding. All the midwives poking and prodding at me after having just given birth was extremely painful.. maybe worse than labour as I just wanted to be left alone with my baby and not have more pain! the student midwife was just wonderful, I was in a lot of pain and needed some support but as the hubby was sleeping, he wasn’t for giving it. The student midwife helped me through fantastically, she held my hand for me and let me squeeze hers! Then when they were trying to take my blood pressure and all that gunff she took my handsome little boy for me and stood beside me the whole time with him. It was about half an hour later when they had stopped taking my constant blood pressure and temperature. They then poked at me a little longer and decided that I was okish and they would leave me alone for a while and see if the drug worked. The midwifes said they were amazed at how relaxed my hubby was… I was amazed too.
Then after all this she gave me him back and she then went on her coffee break. I had more skin to skin and was waiting for her to come bak so that I could tell her how much I appreciated her help and that she was just fantastic and really did help me out so much! 1:30 I then asked the midwife if I could put some clothes on him, as much as I was loving skin to skin I was really panicking incase he was getting cold, as I myself was freezing. At about 2 they took me down to the maternity ward, my fantastic mother was already there waiting for me with my little princess.

She was super excited about being introduced to her baby brother and covered him in kisses and hugs, she still does this on a half hourly basis!
I never thought that I would be able to love another like I love my little girl, but I sure do. I love them both an incredible amount.
To end this post; here is a picture of my beautiful babies. he was 7.5lb which was exactly the same weight his big sister was when she was born!
I will blog soon enough about how he is sleeping, what else I have been up to and how I am coping! Love to you all!
WeeOhana ❤


4 thoughts on “Birth Story!

  1. Adorable! We have an amazing God who brings us through so much. Enjoy your blessings. So many people told me how fast it goes I would just roll my eyes, but, it is so true!

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