Sick little girl :,(

My house today is scarily quiet. My poor little three year old is sick, and for the first time in a long time is taking a nap. I’m sure those of you who have children know how painful it is to see them ill, you just want to have it yourself instead! =[

At 3am this morning she came into my bedroom and crawled up onto the bed, I thought she was up to her old tricks until she touched me and her little palms were roasting hot, then upon looking at her little face her cheeks, nose and forehead were bright red. Poor little soul! I then got her to lay on the bed while I went to get the thermometer and some calpol! We have a snazzy little one that you don’t have to put against your head, you hold it in front of there forehead and if they have a high fever its red, then orange for a little over and green whenever the temperature is fine. She looked at me all frail looking and said “mummy please don’t let it go red” Sure enough it went red, my poor little baby! So I took off her pjs and gave her some calpol! She quickly fell asleep and I was hoping she would be her usual energetic self this morning .. She wasn’t :,( she has now spent the majority of her day on the floor in her duvet either fighting sleep or sleeping! She is like a little furnace! Also really unlike her she doesn’t want to eat anything at all.. not even ice cream and I’m generally begged for that daily!

I feel completely useless as nothing I can do to make her feel better.. all she wants to do is cuddle then complains she’s too warm so gets annoyed then wants to cuddle again after five mins! I so hope tomorrow she wakes up her normal hyper self or we will be off to the doctors! 39.2 tempurate, bless her :,( image

Anyway I must dash and try and hunt out things to help her and to look after her!
Any thing that you guys do to help your little ones feel more comfortable? Help!! 😦

Weeohana xxx

12 thoughts on “Sick little girl :,(

  1. Aww, poor wee woman 😦 I hope she’s ok. That’s a pretty high temperature. Lots of fluids, calpol and rest is all I can offer. That’s what I do with my two when they’re not well x


      • It’s so worrying when they aren’t well, isn’t it? Everyone here is dosed with the cold but nothing serious thank goodness. Will keep fingers crossed all goes OK for your wee lady x


      • Yeah.. ill get even less sleep tonight than normal!! Lol! Yeah im hoping she wakes up as bright as a button .. but shes currently looking at me very red cheeked and sad 😦


  2. Bless your hearts! We had sickness in our house last week ourselves. It’s never easy. I definitely sympathize with wishing we as mamas could take it on for them. Viral are the worst since they just have to run their course. Prayers for good health in your household.:)


    • Aw thank you! I hope you are all better too!
      My little girl is more or less better… Still a little sleepier than normal! Thankfully the little man didn’t get it! The things us mumas would do for our babies eh!! Everything and anything!


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