Project life, January

I made a start on my project life the other day … and my oh my, isn’t it addictive! I now have about 10000 bits of card laying about the house in two different sizes and many different patterns.. and I still want to buy more! They are just all so dam adorable, cute or beautiful that it is to hard to resist! At least I have my sister to swap the with .. it reminds me of when we were younger and we used to collect trading cards and you would swap them with your friends a siblings!

This is my album which I got from here. They have a great selection of albums, but my favourite was;


I ordered my cards for in it from amazon and ebay … just be carful when looking on these sites for them, it is far too addictive and they are all just so pretty and lovely! I already have more coming in the post, but this is my collection already, which I think could fill several folders with!


So I did my first page and my January page the other day… I never realised quite how many pictures I took.. trying to choose just a select few was a pretty challenging task! Though it was really nice to look back through all my pictures from January and pick a few! I always take loads of pictures but would only really look through them whenever I took the notion or remembered a moment and wanted to have a nosey at what pictures I had took!

For my first page, well here is a picture;


Just plain and simple really I suppose, has 2015 as that is the year and I plan to do these for a good few years so thought that would be nice and easy to see which is which. the quotes around it is because well, so that it reads “hello 2015, you are simply wonderful”.. I know 2015 is going to be wonderful because I have my perfect little family and I can’t wait for my little man to start to grow & learn, My little girl is going to love whenever he can sit up, play, laugh and everything else that little ones do! A quote from Winnie the pooh

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

I love this little quote and I think it rings true for most people, so its a little feel good quote thats at the front! The pictures are; my whole little family being silly & beautiful as always! Then my two precious little ones who are crazy in love, I couldn’t do this without them, they are just fantastic! ❤

My second page, which is for January & is a double page which I will be doing for each month, or special days etc;


So obviously, includes pictures from January which include; Charlie Simpson, Me & one of my best friends, my family and so forth! Just pictures that I took in January that made me giggle and had plenty of happy memories along with them! Also a little card where i have written what we did & what the pictures are linked too etc! =]

I hope you guys like them! Do you guys have any pictures of your project life you would like to share? what do you think about this blog post? Like it or lump it? Be honest ;]

18 thoughts on “Project life, January

  1. I purchased so much scrapbooking stuff when my daughter was born two years ago. I had the best of intentions but never really the space to work on it. I do have a special scrapbook that I created for my step-son of each of his visits and his family members. Every time he comes home it has been so long that he has forgotten allot of names and faces, so we can review them all and stay fresh upon his return. I finally have a craft room now, and no work surface, and because we just moved my pictures and supplies are scattered amongst boxes everywhere! Maybe that will be a good project for the beginning of March, to finally get started on my daughter’s book. 😀 Thank you for the inspiration!


    • Oh that’s such a lovely idea for your step-son! Sorry that it’s so long between visits for him! 😦
      I claim the living room floor whenever I decide to do it! I’m going to try hard to keep on top and make sure I do it each month as I’m the same.. start something with all good intentions then ends up getting lost amongst everything else! I’m glad I have given you inspiration and hope you manage to get it started! No point wasting beautiful scrapbooking things 😉

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  2. I learn something every day…no Wal-Mart in UK. I assumed they had taken over the planet. 🙂 We have a love-hate relationship. I love to grab stuff all in one spot, but hate standing in the thousand-mile checkout lines. 🙂 I really like your life book–super cute. I’ve never seen those cards before. Good luck keeping up with it; I know that’s really the only way to go. I, too, have tons of scrapbook stuff and no time to do it. Well, I have time, but I usually have other things that also need doing…one of these days I’ll retire and scrapbook! 🙂


  3. Just visiting to thank you for the like on my post. Yes, Project Life is pretty addicting. I start having withdrawals if a good amount of time goes by without me having to put a page together. Very cute pages there for January!

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