Another appology for not blogging much,, but I have a valid excuse, we were on holiday in Portugal then we were only home fr a week and went to Wales so that all the family who live there could finally meet my perfect little man! 

I’m going to do a few blog posts over the next few days to catch up with it all! Though first.. how the dreaded injectio went! 

Golly,, it is so much easier when they are little tiny babies! Aw, it really wasnt that bad! She was a brave girl! I wasnt sure at the start of the day if I should tell her what was to come or not.. I decided to tell her so that she could be prepared! I didnt want to just turn up at the doctors and blag my way through it! When I broke the news to her she was pretty nervous, though when i said that she could get a Mcdonalds and go to the toy shop after .. she seemed pretty excited! I know right… 

Whenever we got to the doctors there was a few other children her age who had just had the injection or were waiting,, I was nervous that this would make it worse/harder for her, but whenever a little girl came out in floods of tears,I couldn’t have been more impressed with my princess! She went oer and asked her what was wrong and whenever the little girl told her se had just had an injetion she replied with “It’s just sore a little while, do you want a cuddle!” How dam adorable is that! It was then time for her injection.. We went into the doctors room and chatted away to the lovely nurse and then it was time.. I had to hold her wrists as they were doing both injections at the same time! What a fantastic idea, meant it was all over at once! When I held her wrists she was like “Mummy what are you doing” then bam .. injections, a big scream from Amellia a hedbutt to my nose (very sore), a quick cuddle and then the tears were all done! We went back out into the waiting room and she was playng away with the trains!!

So, my advice.. Don’t listen to the people who say its the worst and so forth,if you prepar your littlen and give them a little bribe and a reason to be brave through it.. it will be great! Though just watch you nose! ;]

Now to get my three month through them next week!

WeeOhana ❀

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