5K Pretty Muddy Cancer Run!

Me & my best chum are doing a 5K run next Friday, not only is it just a run.. its through mud and over a blow up obstacles course! I’m super excited to do this and also pretty certain by the end of the run I’ll be collapsed in the corner!

When I was in school I was very sporty and did everything sporty that I could! I even went on to be Games Captian in my school! Though since having my wonderful kids.. I haven’t really done anything at all! I wish I could get the time to do some but hey.. with two kids who really does have the time!? I wouldn’t have the courage to do it anymore either.. or the fitness level! lol!

Back on to this run though! It is to help raise money towards finding ways to cure cancer! I do love there way that they explain about the obstacles. “We want you to give every single obstacle your absolute best as this is your way to show cancer you mean business.” I don’t plan on avoiding any of the obstacles but if one is really tough.. I’ll just think of that and get over it!

Cancer has affected many people in the world, and several people who are close to me. Whenever I was younger, my mum got diagnosed with skin cancer.. this obviously made us all very worried/upset but because of how far all the scientists have came with a cure my mum just had to have a simple little operation, check ups for a good while after and now she is cancer free! My father in law also was diagnosed with cancer but has kicked it right in the ass & is now going on strong!

Though, a close family friends husband has recently been diagnosed and is a long, slow and painful path! Obviously we all have our fingers crossed and have our hope & faith in the scientist that have been researching it all to hopefully be able to enable him to live a full life and to continue to see his daughters & son grow, and enjoy it with his wife!

My friend who I am doing this run with though, has a huge reason to do this. When she was younger her mum got diagnosed with cancer and she wasn’t fortunate to win the battle.

I am sure that me and her are going to have a laugh doing this race and we will be very proud of each other with how hard we try! Fingers crossed we are able to provide Race for Life with a nice amount of money that they will be able to keep building there knowledge and finding cures with!

Have you guys done any sponsored runs/walks or the such? I wold love to hear how you did!

Oh & just incase you wanted to sponsor us you can do it Here

If you do sponsor us, thank you a huge deal! You are wonderful!

WeeOhana xx

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