Nursery, Toddler & Puppy!

Hello you lovely people who visit my blog! =]

Woohhoo I have been blogging for one year today, I started this last year!
Thank you for everyone who has followed me so far and I hope you enjoy it! =D

This past month has been crazy, my little girl has started nursery, my little boy is trying really hard to walk, I have started a new venture, puppy training and all the other things that come along with life! I’ll fill you in on the exciting bits! =]

Nursery.. it’s a bit strange at the moment as they are starting them very slowly! So much so that she has told me that it is boring as they don’t have enough time to do anything and they just do story time. I do think that half an hour is not long enough at all for them to settle. I think it would be better if they were in everyday and build the hours up. She is in random days at the moment and doesn’t have a clue if she is coming or going! Thankfully they do start a bit more normal soon, so I’m sure she will love it then! She just can’t get her head around when is going! I am excited for it to start normally, though I do wish she had got a morning place as it would make it a lot easier to get up and go out. It would also mean that you could actually do something else with the day!

My little man is very eager to walk, so eager actually that he will let go of the sofa at the edge move his foot then fall flat on his face! He just needs to get the balance down! I can’t believe that he is nine months old now! It seems to have gone a lot quicker with him than it did with my little girl, though I am going to thoroughly enjoy spending 1-1 time with my little man! Not sure he is going to enjoy it quite as much as I do though.. he spends his days following his big sister, watching everything she does and stealing her food!

Puppy training is going well! She very rarely has accidents during the day now, and when she does it generally is my own fault as I haven’t picked up on her little hints! She loves going for walks and is perfect on the lead and walks happily by your side.. untill she sees another dog or human! But thats just normal, she also is learning the basics very quickly! I am taking her to a puppy class which is one day a week for an hour for five weeks. It is really good! It is more just for the tips and to be reminded of what is sort of the obvious really! It’s great though as she gets socialized with the rest of the dogs that go and she gets to see lots of new people!
Pictures of her first visit to the beach to make you smile! 😀


Have you ever took a puppy to puppy classes? Did you find them helpful!
How are your little ones settling into school now?
Anything exciting to share?

I’m going to do another post now about my new venture! Eeek.. it’s exciting! =D

4 thoughts on “Nursery, Toddler & Puppy!

    • Hiya! Oh you lucky duck getting morning this time round! It would be so much handier.. Trying to think positively that it’s only for one year! Lol!
      Hope your little one loves nursery too! 😀
      Aw thank you very much! I’m going for a nosey on yours now 🙂 x


      • I only got mornings because I told the nursery in a sneaky way I was looking for another nursery incase she didn’t get morning at her current one (I think I spoke loudly about it to my partner) they heard and went about getting me mornings so my daughter could stay on! lol I didn’t mean for it to happen like that – I didn’t realise they heard me at the time – the lady mentioned it at a later date. win win? 😀

        And yes indeed it’s only for a year, if your daughter is up in the mornings anyway then no worries about her not waking for school next year – that was a worry for me as my daughter happily sleeps from 8pm to 10am lol She has to get up in the morning it’s gonna be haaaarrrdd 😦

        B x


      • Well, that was a sneaky way to get mornings! Even if it was intentional, it is fab that it worked lol! 😀
        Oh she has no problem with mornings.. 6am is her favourite start time at the moment, must say I’m not to fond of it! Lol!


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