I have been spending a lot of time with my beautiful Meg ❤ It is really paying off, she is starting to do so super!  Learning that she just can’t barge you out of the way, how to go around corners better, coming in without having to be chased for half an hour and that not everything in the world is super scary!


For a while there wasn’t any turn out at my yard so she was starting to get a bit wound up about being stuck in and was trying to see what she could get away with! Also her bed was always a mess.. trailing her hay through it! Though now she is a dream to muck out and is wonderful to ride! (Most of the time)

Isn’t she just simply beautiful? Definitely one of the best presents I have ever received! Thank you hubby! =D
Not only have I noticed huge improvements in Meg, I have also noticed improvements in myself. Massive ones. I enjoy taking the kids out by myself, I don’t worry about every little thing and lots more!
I am making new friends up at the yard and when I spend time with her; riding and lunging etc I have a huge weight lifted, without going into too much detail or blabbing on, she is really turning my life around! Quality time with me is fab, I’m not all that bad ;]

My other lovely fluffy beautiful girl in my life is also doing super!

imag0142.jpgLittle Lilo isn’t quite so little anymore.. well she is still pretty dam small, but not the size of a rabbit anyway! The kids adore her and she adores them too most of the time! Her and my son really have a special bond and they will spend ages just sitting together while he strokes her! I’m always shocked by how he never really tries to pull on her fluff as she is just so dam fluffy!


This is her and my little girl enjoying a snuggle while she wasn’t feeling the greatest!

I just love animals! Especially fluffy ones, though I have never been a cat person always been more of a dog person!

WeeOhana  x

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