Brother & sister!

My pair adore each other.. well most of the time! It would be odd for a brother and sister to adore each other all the time, they have there off days and times they want to spend apart.. unfortunatly for Dylan he would rather sit on a different sofa the majority of the time and his sister wants to just sit right as close to him as she can get! They really do love each other, even if sometimes it seems like all they can do is get cross and angry at what the other keeps doing!
During this whole on going process of helping Dylan and finging out what has really been going on Amellia has amazed me the most. She is super supportive,caring and very understanding. She made me tear up one day, whenever we had just started to get used to the idea, and trying to understand what is really going on in Dylans head she walked into the kitchen and said “I don’t care if Dylan has autism, I will always love him” Then happy as Larry walked off back into the living room! How simply beautiful is that. Than another day my not so understanding friend was over and was colouring with Amellia while he sat at the other side of the table colouring and didn’t engage with her at all(Not like she tried at all). She said to Amellia “oh, he doesn’t care that I’m here at all does he?” She sat down her pencil and looked up at her so very seriously and replied with “of course he does, he just doesn’t know how to express it like we do.” That to me showed me just how much my daughter is starting to accept and understand his little ways! She has been getting better at not sitting right beside him, understanding what his noises means, when he wants left along and when he wants to play!
When he wants to play she loves that the most.. unfortunaltly his favorite game at the moment to play with her is getting her to carry him! Now she is a very tiny little girl, he isn’t large.. but with her being so tiny they weigh about the same! She never wants to upset him so always obliges to when he stands in front of her and wraps his arms and legs around her! It is just adorable to see.. but I am always close by to catch him if her little arms get tierd!

She is such a wonderful big sister, and I adore how accepting she has been. A simple, yet magical bond they have ❤

WeeOhana xx

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