My Sunday Photo! – 14.05

The rain came back on Saturday so the kids and I spent a day inside, painting and making some mini food.. apparently it tasted disgusting but it was fun and something different to do!
Love these two so much ❤
Hope you have a lovely week!

WeeOhana x


17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo! – 14.05

  1. The painting looks like a lot of fun, was it so much fun washing it off? I used to let mine paint in the garden and then wash them down with a hose pipe! Don’t worry, only on hot days and they thought it was fun.


    • My two just got a bath afterwards! So wasn’t too bad! Minus the holding them at arms length on the way up the stairs so I didn’t get covered too! 😂


  2. That painting photo is fabulous – looks like he was really enjoying himself there. Not so much fun to clean up though! Mini food sounds like fun too 🙂


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