Throwback Thursday #3

Throwback Thursday

My third guest blogger for Throwback Thursday is Richie from One Hull Of A Dad

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

1. What was your favourite band?
I used to like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre etc. I loved rap music, I was gangsta fo sure!
2.What was your favourite movie?
My favourite movie was and still is Die Hard, I must have seen it about 50 times. All men should like Die hard, it’s like a rule or something
3.What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
I’m not sure what category I would fall into, I wasn’t a chav, I didn’t hang with the cool kids but also wasn’t a geek, I could only really say I was just “normal” haha.
4.Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
can’t really remember anything really funny (I am getting old now). one thing that was funny at the time was betting our mate he wouldn’t eat a shit mix of food we find in the cupboards (we were getting pissed). He agreed and spent the rest of the night throwing up! It was funny at the time.
5.Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
No, I don’t regret anything, I was a good boy. Sorry, no gossip here.
6.What was favourite drink?
Cans of Fosters were my tipple of choice followed by Vodka and Red Bull, there were many a drunken time on Vodka and Red Bull
7.Did you think you were cool?
I didn’t think I was cool, I wished I was. Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t hang out with the cool kids, mainly because their idiots! All of my mates were good lads and we just enjoyed chillin out and having parties etc.
8.Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
Friends! It has to be! I’ve seen every episode so many time I reckon I still know what they would say next in each episode. They don’t make them like they used to (god I sound old now)
9.What did you want to do when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a policeman, ever since I used to watch The Bill on TV when I was little. Once I left college that soon changed.
10. Share a picture of you then and now!
The small photo is of me at my prom, the quality is awful as it was a photo of a physical photo I took and then put on Facebook. The other photo is of my at Christmas with my family.



One Hull of Dad is a dad of two and husband to one. He lives in Hull and blogs about his life as a working dad and any other such nonsense he can think of. You can find him at or on social media:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –

I hope you enjoyed the third Throwback Thursday!
I have to agree with you on friends it was a wonderful T.V show! Hope your friend was ok and learnt a lesson to not just eat all of the food he finds!

If you want to get involved in Throwback Thursday give me a shout! =]
-WeeOhana x

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