Throwback Thursday #6

Throwback Thursday

My guest blogger for Throwback Thursday today is Vicki!

  1. What was your favourite band?
    Westlife, ahhh I used to flippin love them!
  2. What was your favourite movie?
    It was (and still is) Harry Potter.. bit of a potter nerd I admit.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
    That’s a really hard one!  I would probably label myself as slightly nerdy/but relatively ‘normal’.I didn’t seem to fit into any specific groups.
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened
    ! One of the things I can remember was daring our friend ( as you did then) to go into the shop in his underwear. It doesn’t sound so funny now, and I honestly cant think why he would have done it, but as a 15 year old it was bloody hilarious! I think he traumatised a lot of people that day in his batman boxers..
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    I wouldn’t say I regret anything, but there are things I would probably do a little differently, for example steer clear of my wardrobe!
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Coca Cola, I lived off the stuff! until I reached 18 then I fell in love with wine 🙂
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    At the time I thought I was! but I can assure you, I definitely was not haha.
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    I used to love Sabrina, what a show that was!.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I always wanted to be a vet, until I realised I couldn’t handle the sight of blood and needles!
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!

My blog is about my journey through motherhood with 3 little loves, and also how I cope with my anxiety and depression whilst being mum!
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I must say Vicki, you have aged well! You are beautiful! Your funny story sounds like something that me and my chums would have got up too! lol!
Hope you have a lovely day!


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