My Sunday Photo- 02.07

This week has been a real crazy one for me!
Amellia had her eyes checked and now has to wear glasses all the time, thankfully she can’t wait to get them on Tuesday!
Dylan was at his CDC clinic, which was rather .. I’m not really sure.. read about it here
Hubby was at the hospital about his broken finger and has to have his finger strapped and immobilized for another week
Then I ended up at Greenday, thanks to my lovely brother getting me a ticket!
How has your week been?

Dylan practicing his colours & counting.
Greenday were great, the only downside was that they played a lot of there new songs, I’m an old fan!

I managed to get this really awesome dress for Amellia in the Mothercare sale.. I’m rather jealous that they don’t do it in my size though!



13 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo- 02.07

  1. What a interesting and full week. That’s the problem with Gigs, unless they have not released a new album then you know it’s going to be mostly new songs. You can see how much more excited fans get when they sing the old songs. #mysundayphoto

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  2. Awww Green Day…. how jealous am I. Bloody love that band. Seen them once but desperately need to do it again x


  3. Green Day, wow! It’s been a while since I’ve thought about them. Might have to go have a listen to what they sound like these days. #MySundayPhoto

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