Clever bit of kit!

Spending time doing things together is really important! You all get to have fun together, bond and make those all important memories!
As a family we have to work hard to ensure that family days run as smoothly as possible. Dylan isn’t a big fan of many things that would generally occur on a day out. I find it rather disheartening when my little girl asks to do something and I have to redirect her onto a path that will suit us all.
Fortuantly it is something that she is getting used too and she knows that she gets to go out regularly with either my hubby or myself to ensure that she gets to do all the things she wants.

The other day I became aware of a device that I did not know existed! I had to get my hands on it, I knew that this would make family days out a lot more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone. It would also ensure that Dylan would always have a distraction if it was needed and something that he could use to zone out and forget about what was going on around him. This is such a perfect time too as I am hoping that it will enable me to go out to a few more places with them over the summer as I will have this if Dylan becomes unsettled or is finding it all too much.


What I have discovered is mobile wi-fi. It enables the iPads or any other devices that have wifi on them to link up to the internet to watch videos and play certain games! I can’t get over how clever it is!
Dylan relies on his iPad a lot, he learns many things from it with the educational apps (I am going to do a post soon on these) and he also uses it when he finds things are getting too much as a way to zone out. Enabling this device to do everything that he knows it can when we are inside the house will be a huge help outside of the house. Currently he knows there are certain things he can not access when he is outside on it, but when things get too tough, he really needs to listen to the gummy bear on repeat backwards, fast forwarded and every way else way possible.. this is really not something that is pleasing to many, but he enjoys it and it helps to settle and ground him. It is better than a screaming chil, trust me!

I am hoping now that with his iPad enabled to do this that he will feel safe, and I can go out with them both by myself with a little more confidence that I will be able to keep Dylan calm and Amellia will be able to have fun and not have to worry about leaving places early if he gets upset!


4 thoughts on “Clever bit of kit!

  1. I didn’t know this existed either. My 10 year old sometimes like to play on his iPod in the car while we are driving and some of our trips are a at least 40 minutes long and he gets bored. This is exciting!

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  2. Hi Louise, this does sound like a handy bit of kit and could make all the difference to your family days out. This sounds like the perfect way to allow Dylan to stay calm when he needs to and still allow your little girl to have her fun.


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