My Sunday Photo – 23.07

This week we have spent a lot of time enjoying beautiful beaches around us!
Amellia went down to visit my mum & dad for a few days so I took Dylan along to the beach alone so that he could play in the sand and if he hated it we could leave straight away without feeling guilty that Amellia hadn’t had a chance to play. He loved it!


Seeing as he really enjoyed it I decided that I would take them both to the beach together to play.. typically Dylan fell asleep in his pram walking to the beach! Amellia still had a lovely time playing with the waves, etc! =]


How was your week? =]


24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 23.07

  1. Lovely photos. It looks like your son had such a fantastic time! My teen used to hate the beach when she was little. Refused to walk on the sand. hehehe x

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  2. What a lovely beach and beautiful photos. I remember taking my daughter to the beach for the first time when she was two and she hated it, she wouldn’t even walk on the sand with her sandals on. thankfully she got over it by the next visit and she loves it now.

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