Learning to ride a bike!

We have been trying to teach Amellia how to ride her bike for the past few days, at the start I thought it was never going to happen! She couldn’t stop nervous laughing, singing and just messing about!
img_8790-1We started off with the being really nice, patience, singing along and joining in with all her jokes. Keeping on the flat and slow pushing to start with.. until we realised this was getting us no where apart from a little girl who just couldn’t stop laughing!
We told her that she had to take it seriously if she wanted to learn and we were a little tougher, though reassuring, giving her all the compliments and the encouragement. This seemed to be the best way forward! By the end of the first day she had so nearly got it, but she had got tired and was asking if she could go and play in the park so we decided to call it a day and try again tomorrow!


The next day she more or less had it! But it was very apparent that her bike was pretty tiny for her and was making it more difficult to pedal! We told her if she would like, we could get her a bigger bike as an early birthday! She was ecstatic and just couldn’t wait to get the cycling down really well so she could head out to find a new bike!

img_8899This is the bike she picked and as you can tell by her rather excited face that she really loved it! We went round all of the local shops and typically she had her heart set on this one from the very first shop. It is based on one of her much-loved Disney movie The Descendants, we even managed to get her a matching helmet and bell, she couldn’t wait to pick it up the next day! Lucky for her though, the lovely man called me when she had just gone to bed to tell me he had already built it and if I wanted to pop over and get it I could, she was completely over joyed when I produced it the next day without having to go to the shop to pick it up!

img_8904She couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin, and we couldn’t wait to see what difference it made being on a bike that wasn’t for tiny little ones!
Off she went, with daddy by her side and the bike that was the right size made all the difference!!


Super proud mummy & daddy right now! =]
Look at her go!

So my advice for teaching your little ones how to ride the bike;
-Be Firm
– Let go when they think you are still holding on!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, I’m loving having both my kiddywinks together! =]



9 thoughts on “Learning to ride a bike!

  1. My boys learned how to ride then lost interest. Now they just don’t care for bikes. It’s sad really because I have very fond memories of riding my bike as a kid. I’m glad yours is enjoying hers:)


  2. We’ve been trying to teach The Boy for literally years!! My parents bought him one when he was 3. But because he’s so tall it had to be quite big and he just wasn’t strong enough to peddle the weight! So he’d just sit and peddle backwards! Then when he was a bit older he started doing it bits but because it was hard lost interest! Now he’s 6 and we haven’t braved taking the stablizers off yet. He hates it, much prefers his scooter.

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  3. Our oldest, 9, just learned on our last holiday. I’m not sure who was prouder of her, me for teaching her, or her for getting it right without even a fall. Nothing is freer than a kid on a bike. What a great post. Now, to get my little going! #mondaystumbleupon #triumphanttales xoxo


  4. aww congratulations on this milestone! I’m useless on my bike, I havent ridden since uni days and before that I barely did it either. I have awful balance so I’m praying Ben doesnt inherit that!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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