What’s your advice?!

Dylan has his first appointment with the dietician coming up soon!
I’m not entirely sure what to expect but if they can give us some advice on how to encourage him to move off this diet of toast, mince and rice crispies would be great!
I don’t have any concern about his weight really as he is pretty sturdiy and healthy looking boy, but eating a diet that is very minimal isn’t going to be the greatest for his inside.
We have to remember to do his food diary for three days before we go, but I’m pretty sure I could fill it in today and it would be right for then as we have tried everything we can think of to get him to eat other things!

To try and encourage him to have a more varied diet we have done from lots of messy play (which he really dislikes) too trying to sneak tiny bits in.. he spots it a mile off! At our first appointment with the CDC team we were told to do lots of messy play as your mouth is very closely linked to your hands with the feelings that they both feel.

We have persisted with the messy play, but he is still on dry pasta, sand and painting has recently been accepted but unfortunately that is about as far as he is willing to go at the moment. If we try him with things like shaving foam or anything even slightly goopy/sticky he will just leave the room and not come back in until it has been cleared away.

It’s hard work, but at least he eats something and isn’t wasting away.                            

Fortunately what he does like to eat is very healthy too.. though I’m not sure how long you can eat mince meat for dinner before it gets bad for you as I’m sure all that iron isn’t the greatest!

Have you any hints or tips to try and encourage him to eat a more varied diet?


3 thoughts on “What’s your advice?!

  1. Sounds like your doing the right things they might be able to suggest new techniques or similar texture foods. If you explain this the way you have now would be very helpful for them. They are there to help and support you not to judge or critise you. Hope they can give you more options x


  2. Our kids went through similar phases where they had just a few food items they’d eat. Eventually they grew out of it.

    Exposure was a good technique. Just always having other food items on the plate. The more they saw it, the more likely they were to eat it.

    We also had a try it rule, where they had to at least try a new food item. They didn’t have to eat it if they didn’t like it, but we wanted them to at least try. This wasn’t always successful, but it had its moments.

    Good luck!

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  3. My son would only eat pbj, I talked to his doctor and he checks him out and his healthy. The texture maybe his issue, but sometimes they try new foods. I know we often talk about putting different things in front of him and seeing if he will at least try it.

    But they will offer suggestions and you will see what works best for him.


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