Dietician Disappointment.

Last week we had our first appointment with the dietician. I was very excited for this appointment and couldn’t wait for some new ideas on how to encourage Dylan to eat or at least even try more things!
At the moment his diet is extremely limited  and we have tried everything that we can think of possible ways to encourage him to try other things also to drink things such as milk to ensure he is getting all the goodness he needs to grow up strong and healthy!
We haven’t had much luck at all, and he is now starting to go off things that he used to eat.

We had to weigh out and write down what he had eaten in the past three days and when it was all wrote down it hit me with how little he really did eat. Every day breakfast, lunch and dinner is exactly the same with a variation on snacks and what he has after.. but by variation I mean three different things.
We are lucky because he does drink pure orange juice and apple juice, though he wont drink anything apart from them.


Going in with high hopes and expectations for ideas of how to encourage him to eat more, drink more and live a little healthier and coming out with no new ideas at all on anything was rather disappointing.

She told us that his diet was extremely limited and that we had to try to encourage him to eat other things. (What did she think we had been doing!?) When I asked her how we could encourage him to eat new foods she just said to keep trying what we were already trying. This was without even asking what we were trying.

Something that she did do though was prescribe him a multi-vitamin powder type idea that has all the essential vitamins and goodness in! Though she did say in her next breath that she doesn’t think he will take it, so yeah. I have my fingers crossed that he will, but her lack of confidence wasn’t the greatest.


We learnt something that we weren’t aware of too, bread has calcium in it! Well, the Hovis best of both contains calcium! If your little one isn’t calcium this is a great way to up the intake in their diet! =]

Fingers crossed we can come up with some new ideas ourselves to try to encourage him to widen his diet a bit!
If you have any tips please let me know!! =D



7 thoughts on “Dietician Disappointment.

  1. My youngest is a very picky eater and when he was little we had issues with getting him to eat beyond whatever obsession he was on at that moment. For several months he would be obsessed with only eating cheerios. Then for the next several after that it was Peanut Butter sandwiches. His pediatrician was very encouraging though but at the same time was more relaxed about it than I was. He said he’d grow out of it eventually. He’s 10 now and while his food palette has improved, he’s still very picky. Good luck hun:)


  2. I’m lucky that mine eat pretty much everything. But, there have been a few things they’ve refused. The Boy absolutely wouldn’t eat bread for 3 years. Then he started school and saw other people enjoying sandwiches. So hopefully it will just be something he outgrows.


  3. Good luck! My 11yo daughter has a very limited diet and also eats very small quantities. Even now she can’t finish a children’s meal when she is out! I too am very grateful she drinks orange juice and apple juice. Did you know Bassetts do a multivitamin? It’s basically a jelly sweet. Might be worth a try!


  4. Fingers crossed he will eventually try more. My son used to have a very limited list of foods he would eat but now at 11 he is getting so much better at trying and actually eating more things. Wishing you luck. It must be stressful. X

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    • Aw that is nice to hear, love hearing about how older ones have changed!
      Thank you! It is very stressful, but parenting always is, especially parenting a child with additional needs!


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