Find your name on the Alphabet Train!

Recently we got sent two lovely books to review and the main thing that made me really get on board to do this review was that they were personalized.
Your child’s name is on every page of the book and this worked wonders on keeping Amellias attention. Holding her attention for a period of time is generally quite a task, but when her name kept popping up in the book she couldn’t wait to find out what she would find next on the alphabet train!

Did you know that personalized books are read approximately nine times more than regular books? I think this is because they then feel really involved in the story, are excited to hear what adventures they are going on next  and enjoy pretending they are actually doing all the things described in the book. This is certainly the case for Amellia and what brought this book even more to life for her was that at the very start there was a little cartoon version of herself, she couldn’t believe it!

img_0077As we read through the book she really enjoyed the rhyming of the words and the way that some of the words had a slightly different font, for example for the word camel the text went up in a hump in the middle of the word. She also thoroughly enjoyed pointing out the letters that were in her room and took a lot of joy from reading the pages where the letters related to her name.
Dylan wasn’t able to understand this but really enjoyed reading the book with his sister and daddy downstairs before bed and pointing out the letters on the back.


After reading through the book and finishing the story Amellia could not believe that it had been personalized even more and had a little note on the last page.
She was eager to go and check out Dylan’s to see what message he had, but we had got them both the same so not to cause any arguments.
We really enjoyed these books, and with them being personalized it really added to the excitement factor when reading them. They were longer than what we would normally read at bed time, but I saved them for a weekend so that the little bit extra time reading didn’t matter too much. There were a few words that you wouldn’t normally come across in children’s books, but isn’t reading all about learning!?

If you fancy one of these books for your little one head over to Dr.Niamhs website by clicking here.

*-* disclaimer I was sent these books free of charge for an honest review, these are my own thoughts and opinions *-*

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