It was Dylan’s first appointment at the optometrist yesterday, and yes when the letter arrived I looked at it a little confused and had to google what an optometrist was. Basically, put it is someone who examines your eyes to make sure they are healthy and well.
It is a hard question to answer whenever we are asked if we think there are any problems with Dylan’s vision. There are several things that Dylan does that makes us concerned about his vision, but it is very difficult to tell if this is due to an eyesight problem or if it is sensory based.
For example, when he is using his iPad sometimes he will hold it up really close, this may be because he is finding it hard to see, or simply because he really enjoys the colours that close and it helps him to zone out. When we are out he will also watch everything that is happening around him on his iPad camera rather than just looking about, this may be because if he has poor eyesight his eyes strain to concentrate on things and this helps, but it may also be that he finds it a little less overwhelming when out when he can focus on the screen rather than the whole thing in front of him. (Does that make sense?)
Also Astigmatism is common in my family, this is basically where the cornea or lens of your eyes isn’t the perfect curved shape it is meant to be, this will then cause your vision to be slightly blurred or distorted. So, we want to check to see if he has this too.

I went in expecting it to turn out to be a horrible appointment considering that I had taken Amellia to get her eyes checked recently and was thinking he would have to get eye drops and someone up very close and personal. (his least favourite thing)
Thankfully though this was just the first part of the test, which is to ensure that his eyes are moving together nicely, to see that he can track something with his vision while it is getting moved around and a few other things like that.
He was able to follow a variety of objects around and the lovely optometrist was pleased with how he did in all in her test, but wants him to go on to get a further examination to find out if the worries are all sensory based or if there is some eye problems that are also causing him to do the things that raised this concern.

This appointment was a really successful one, the lady told us that she had read his information before we got there so she knew what to expect and wouldn’t push boundaries. She was extremely understanding and just wonderful, she ensured that she didn’t annoy Dylan and when she got too close to his pram he quickly alerted her by shouting at her and trying to push her away and she immediately did this when he showed any tiny sign of being distressed. She said that there is no point getting him worked up as this will then just mean that she won’t be able to get any part of the test done and will just put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day so wouldn’t be beneficial for anyone.


The next appointment which unfortunately has an approx. three month waiting list has me worrying already though. This is with a different optometrist but she has told me she will pass on all her notes and with how she dealt with him today so that hopefully she will be well informed and just as understanding too!
What makes me worry about the next appointment is that he has to have eye drops in so that they can inspect his eye the best they can. She offered for us to bring them home so that we could put them in before the appointment or told us that we could get them done at the hospital just before the appointment. I went for the second option… I do not fancy having to battle him to get eye drops in, especially if Adrian is working. Though I think even if Adrian was off it will still be a pretty hard task to get eye drops in.
Fingers crossed Adrian can get the day off work and then it means there will be three of us to hopefully help it go as smoothly as possible.

I will let you know how it goes!


6 thoughts on “Optometrist

  1. I could literally copy and paste this blog haha! J is awaiting his appointment for exactly the same thing. He keeps doing strange eye movements and holds screens close to his face. I have astigmatism and have worn glasses since I was a little one. The health visitor referred us as she said she wants to rule out it being anything physical before putting it down to sensory/autism. I hope our opt-person (I can’t spell the blooming word) is as understanding as yours x

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    • Remember to credit me! 😛
      Yeahh, they have told us they are pretty sure its sensory issues with Dylan, but because of my really poor eye sight and the astigmatisms want to at least try and get it checked!
      I hope your Optometrist is as understanding too! She was really wonderful! x

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  2. My son is under the hospital optometrist for his eyes. The drops they use at the hospital are tricky… & they do sting! (Obviously don’t necessarily share that information!) We did some preparitory trials at home, I got a dropper from his science set and started just dropping water onto his forehead, then over his eyebrow, on top of his eyelid and then the corner of his eye. We did manage to get the drops in at the appointment but it was a struggle.

    He now has to have Atropine drops regularly (we’re up to one every night now!) & if he’s feeling particularly anxious de-sensitizing techniques help. Smoothing his forehead and face first using light to firm pressure. Making sure he’s got what he finds soothing, he ‘tags’ a lot!

    In the hospital they know him quite well now & last time he had to have the ‘stingy’ drops again. .. he was freaking out as usual and the optometrist was great. He said, has anyone done them the special way with you? He sat him on my knee (which isn’t easy as he’s 7.5 but the size of a 9 yr old!) & got him to lean back and close his eyes. He dropped a few drops along his eyelashes then asked him to open his eyes, J actually said ‘they didn’t really sting mummy!’ Result!!

    Maybe bear in mind too that they blur their vision slightly and make it feel very bright so if your child is very light sensitive/it’s a bright day/very bright in the hospital a pair of shades/hat might help while you wait for them to work, which takes around 20 mins x

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    • Oh that’s a good idea to put it on his eye lashes! I’m glad your boy is getting used to them, especially seeing as he has to have drops every night! That must have been really tough at the start!

      Gosh I didn’t realise it made everything feel very bright etc.. do you know how long that lasts for? Dylan will not enjoy that at all.


  3. We had to do our little Mr. eye exam last Wednesday, fun times. We didn’t actually make it through to the person that was going to check his vision, we managed the first person where they just check the eyes are aligned and muscles working. That was fun… *saying sarcastically 🙂

    He doesn’t like any doctors so was screaming away. Soon as out of the door – quiet.

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