My Sunday Photo – 10.12.17

My daughter has been wishing for snow for the past few weeks, and I really didn’t think this wish would come true as we don’t often get enough snow to be exciting but this weekend we did! She was the happiest little girl ever it was simply wonderful to see the pure joy it brought her.

img_1315Dylan wasn’t so sure what to make of the snow and spent most of the time hiding inside with the curtains shut and the heating on, but he did take a little walk outside in the evening.
He also turned 3 this weekend!
Can we please slow down time, it sure does fly by when you have little ones!
img_1392How has your weekend went? =]

8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 10.12.17

  1. Yay! We’ve only just got this snow this morning (lots) and the kids are so excited! Happy 3rd birthday to Dylan #MySundayPhoto


  2. We’ve had so much snow I think the kids are bored of it already. Our garden is looking lovely at the moment, I keep telling them to get outside and build me a snowman! Your girl looks really pleased with her snowman, it’s really good.


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