Don’t dwell…

Must Not Dwell.. (1)

I have started 2018 with a bang and completed my online course that I singed up too to extended my knowledge on autism with a pretty impressive 100% on all modules.
I am pretty chuffed and it sure has given me a nice little boost of pride and self-confidence to start the year with.

The course I completed was compiled of these modules;

  • Understanding autism
  • Autism and communication
  • Autism and sensory experience
  • Autism, stress and anxiety
  • Autism: supporting families

I found out some facts from doing this course that I wasn’t aware of, but the majority of it I knew from living daily with an autistic child.
I think this course would be beneficial for people with very minimal knowledge on autism, but if like me you live with autism in your life daily then it probably wont provide you with much extra.

I learnt some facts that really shocked me and admittedly scared me too.
Did you know that only 15% of autistic people are in full-time employment? 75% of the population are in full time employment.
I mean.. how crazy is that, and how does that give me any hope for Dylan. It seems absolutely bizarre that the percentage is so low and really unsettling for parents of autistic children.

At least 1 in 3 autistic adults are dealing with severe mental health struggles due to lack of support. 70% of autistic adults believe they are not getting the help from social services that they require and they also said that would feel a lot less isolated if they were given the support they need and what I believe to rightfully deserve.

It’s crazy, it really is.
The future scares me, it really does. Its something I try to not think about too often because it worries me, really worries me.
What does it hold for us, how well will we cope, how we can get the best for Dylan possible and all while keeping the balance of family life right too… it’s a lot to think of and far too much to dwell on.


4 thoughts on “Don’t dwell…

  1. Worrying about the future could drive me mad for sure… I try to focus on the here and now. And, as I’m struggling with burnout, the here and now is just about what I can manage (if that 😬). Well done on completing the course! x


  2. Now that he’s started secondary school we are having to think more about what lies ahead for our Austic son when he has finished school.

    Don’t dwell on it so much, but look ahead. It’s a long way away and the world is changing.


  3. I can relate to this. I completed a shorter online course about autism last year, as my daughter is waiting for an ASC assessment. The figures about mental health problems frightened me the most, but I tell myself that there is so much more awareness now, and hopefully that will translate into her getting the support she needs growing up so she can be a happy and fulfilled adult. It still scares me though.

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  4. I’d say the amazing support he gets from his mum is what should give yo hope for his future. I’m seriously impressed by your drive to become better educated for the purpose of giving him the best. Even if you feel you didn’t get much from it, it at least reinforced your understanding of the good you do. Great start to the year, well done!

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