The start of a new journey!

We started this year off with a rather big and unexpected thing.

Amellia had an appointment with a pediatrician to see what they thought and how to best help her in day-to-day life. Seeing as this was her first appointment I assumed that it was just going to be a chat with the paediatrician about our concerns, getting a first impression on Amellia and referring her on to a long waiting list if she thought necessary.
No referring on, no come back in a few months,  no we want to get in touch with the school and see what they say, we walked away with a diagnosis, a prescription and a review in 6/8 week to see how it is going.

Amellia got diagnosed with ADHD.

The pediatrician said that it clearly affects her every second of every day and that she needs the help as soon as possible to help her achieve all that she has. I was also told that they think she has dyspraxia, a social disorder, sensory issues and a learning difficulty. Though we are going to get her medication right and let her get adjusted to this before they investigate the others as this is the one effecting her the most at the moment.

It was a tough day for me as I said before I thought it was just for a chat. I suppose in reality we were expcting the diagnosis at some stage, but not that day and not along with the other things too. My mind is all over the show at the moment and sometimes I want to just cry and others im just so glad we have got her the help she needs and hopefully now once we have the medication sorted she will be able to achieve all she is capable at school and in life.

One thing that I am adiment on and that I made very clear to the pediatrican is that if I feel the medication is changing her personality I will be stopping it. I want it to help her settle etc but I do not want her bubbly and fun loving personality to go. She reassured me that we would find the right medication for her to keep her personality.

What I found incredibly amazing from Amellia and showed just how self aware she is was when the pediatrican asked her how she coped in school and Amellia said she wished she could sit still longer to learn and that she got annoyed at always having to move.

Amellia is aware about her diagnosis and about the tablets that will help. I have also made her very aware that it may take a while to get the right dose. We have also started a diary that we are doing together each night to keep a check on how it is making her feel and how she feels about it all.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share more as I come to terms with it and how the medcine etc works for her, how she feels about it all etc to help anyone else who is in or goes through the same thing.



10 thoughts on “The start of a new journey!

  1. That must have been a very intense meeting and I hope things will start to settle for you quickly. Medications can take time to balance but keeping a diary is an excellent way to monitor things. It is a very positive thing that she is getting the help she needs now & I hope that it will make things easier for you all going forward x

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  2. I hope this is a positive step and that you get the support your family needs so that Amelia can flourish. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging and please remember to add our badge or a backlink


  3. Really hope that this is a positive step forward for your family. I sometimes think that knowing the reason for things is half the battle and it can be such a struggle to get a diagnosis. Wishing you the best from the #DreamTeam. We would really appreciate it if you could add our badge or a backlink to the post. Thanks x

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  4. Yeah…kids are VERY aware of their disabilities, but at least you are working on helping her. Also good you aware of the effects of medication. Some doctors can get so focused on prescribing medication just to make a quick buck. Maybe try finding a therapist… a therapist that can help her work with her with the characteristics of ADHD. One can take meds all they want, but without working on the cognitive parts of a behavioral disability, medication can affect the physiological aspects of a behavioral disability and that can be…well…hard for the person’s overall health. I myself take meds and see a therapist. I need both. Meds helps my mind to relax so I can take in what my therapist helps me with my cognitive parts of mental illnesses and with both I function better.


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