Newcastle Adventures #2

As I stepped off the plane I was greeted by a sunny, warm and welcoming day! The flight had gone really well, landed smoothly and I couldn’t wait to see my best friend! I jollied through the airport and was greeted with a giant hug!
Thankfully she had already got me my metro ticket to get back to hers, as the que to get one was massive and as we got to the station there was a metro waiting! Perfect timing! We sat on the back carriage facing out the window, it was lovely! It wasn’t far on the metro to get to the stop by her house, and we enjoyed just chatting and deciding what we would do while I was over!
As it came to our stop, we got up and the metro was just about to stop when a fellow behind us started making some funny noises, personally I thought he was a drunk man just mumbling to himself and didn’t want to look round to cause more issues, thankfully though my friend did!
Just as she looked back he started to fit! Luckily for him she is a nurse and knew what to do to help him! As she laid him down on the floor with his hoody under his head myself and another young girl looked for a button to press to make sure the train didn’t move on,  we found it, the train driver came down the train and then decided to go to the next stop! All the while this young fellow was having a fit on the floor. While this was all taking place I chatted to a lady who was sitting close to him and she said that he had jumped on the train with several bottles of alcohol with the security tags on them, they then all started to roll about the train when it moved, so we collected it all up so to ensure that it didn’t hit his head!

At the next stop a few of his ‘friends’ got on who knew him and said that he was epileptic, and after asking them if they knew any contact numbers for his family or siblings they said no then jumped off the metro with all the alcohol when the driver finally stopped at the next stop and didn’t move again as he had realized what was happening. They did then come back.. but they were obviously a lot more concerned about the alcohol!
As my friend did everything that she knew that would help the lad a doctor came down the metro and asked her if she was ok and I explained that she was a nurse, so he called for an ambulance and explained what was happening and all these medical terms, I stood there being pretty useless not sure what to do or how to help! My friend though, she was being amazing! Keeping as calm as possible, talking to the young fellow and timing his fits. When the ambulance crew arrived she explained how long the fits had been, what she had done! They then tried to take his blood pressure, etc but he wasn’t very happy so they had to sedate him and even after that he went off the metro kicking and screaming not quite sure what was happening to him.
It was a very scary experience as all I wanted to do was help, but I hadn’t a clue what to do; thankfully my friend went into work mode and did the best she could to look after him and make sure that he was in the best position, his pulse etc was ok too.
That day I grew even prouder of my friend, I got to see her in action and potentially safe a life.
Adrenaline was high, nerves were high and thoughts were going a millions miles a minute! The ambulance crew had arrived though and were dealing with him, so it was time to get the metro back to her house and sit down for thirty minutes after the whole ordeal before heading out to explore!

Newcastle Adventure #1
Madina Lake
Newcastle Adventure #3

-WeeOhana x


From Them, Through 10, To You

I recently took a trip to Newcastle to visit my lovely friend who now lives over their and to see a band that got me through a lot of tough times when I was younger and still to this day, listen too! When they announced that they were doing a reunion tour to celebrate their album From Us, Through Them, To You being ten years old.. I knew I had to go! They didn’t have a Belfast gig on their list though so I was pretty disheartened until my buddy suggested I came over their to see them and spend some days with her! Perfect! I was super excited to be getting to spend a few days away from reality, seeing my best chum and going to see Madina Lake live again, when I thought I wouldn’t ever get to see them again!


On release day of the tickets I grabbed my buddy and me some and booked my flights! The countdown was on! Then they released that they were doing V.I.P upgrades .. I had to check it out and was sure I would be scrapping about to find money, as I just had to get to meet these guys.. no matter how awkward I was going to be (Oh boy was I!) when I saw that it was only £15 I jumped on it and texted my friend to say that I had bought us V.I.P upgrades! They said it included an exclusive acoustic set, photos, and early access to the gig.. unfortunately they didn’t do an acoustic set, which I was pretty disappointed about as I was really looking forward to that, but I still got to meet them, get a signed poster and have a chat.. an awkward chat at that! lol

When they released their support acts I headed on to Spotify to have a listen and I was not disappointed, I fell in love with them!

Anyway.. on to the gig! We had to email on the morning to See Tickets as they hadn’t sent out the tickets for the V.I.P part or an email to tell us any details but it was quickly sorted on live chat when they told us to be there for 4:45 and we would be going in at 5. We got there at 4:30 and sat down on the front step to wait along with a few others who were there!
We sat there.. until 5:20 and I decided it best to go and check with the lady at the desk what was going on, and she told us that the V.I.P didn’t start until 6! It was too late to go for a wander or go and find food at that stage so we just sat on the steps and chatted while we waited! We were then all asked if we were V.I.P and to line up at the door.. the security guy got a bit of a panic when he asked for our V.I.P tickets and we all told him that we weren’t sent them .. so he searched about and got a list out and checked us all off and in we headed! I’m a pretty nervous, shy and anxiety ridden person.. so when we first went in I just stood awkwardly about with my buddy not sure what was going on or what to expect and then out they came onto the stage.. They asked everyone if they wanted to come over to the barrier as we were all stood back.. so at least everyone was in the same boat as us! We went over and they did two songs, neither which were acoustic like we were told.. but hey ho! I was very impressed with the sound! With it being such a small venue I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away! Sounded great! After that they then called us all forward one by one to have our picture taken with them, So I gave them all a quick hug before standing in the middle of them and feeling extremely awkward and trying to keep my cool!

They then came around for a chat with everyone.. my friend and I stood back and looked overly awkward for a while, but then Nathan came over for a chat.. and as I always do my nervous energy came out and I was like a little overly excitable puppy! I’m sure he probably thought I was an idiot but it made him giggle when I was saying about how he must be getting fed up of people touching him etc! So, it was all cool! Then they had to go, more hugs and then they went before the gates got opened. We grabbed a drink and a quick pee before going back to the front row to wait to see the bands! We were stood in the left corner as being a bass player myself I always really enjoy watching other bassists play!

The first band on to play was That Lying Bitch! After listening to them on Spotify I knew they were going to be a bit of fun and full of energy and they sure were! There drummer was jumping about, up and down from his drums he was having so much fun it was great! They were a great start to the gig and got everyone singing along and jumping about with their catchy and quick to pick up on fun lyrics! One of my favorites from listening to them on Spotify was ‘Totally fucked for you’ and when they played it I couldn’t help but laugh and sing along! Just such great energy and a band I would go and see if they came over here!

Next on stage was Lacey! I had also hit them up on Spotify to see what I should expect.. I instantly was a big fan! I had listened to them that whole night after discovering them and then had listened to them in my car too! There sound, lyrics, everything I instantly fell in love with, my favorite song I had heard was ‘Find A Way’ but unfortunately they didn’t play that.. fortunately for me I knew all the rest and loved every second of their set! I was in for even more of a surprise when I found out that there lead singer was also the bassist.. just incredible! I was more than impressed and I am going to be keeping an eye and my fingers crossed that they head over here for a gig! If not I may have to hope they go to Newcastle again and I can see them when I am visiting my friend! On the way out we bumped into the lead singer/bassist, So I complimented him told him I had really enjoyed and was very impressed etc and he complimented my accent (I think its horrid!) They seem like lovely guys as well which always adds to how much you enjoy a band I think!

Then it was time for Madina Lake to come on! I reverted back to feeling like a teenage girl! The Auspice started playing and on they came and everyone went a little crazy! They were just wonderful and it really brought me back to when I saw them before! So full of energy, and they made sure everyone was having great fun in the crowd! They sounded great, and now I am just desperate to see them again and wish I had gone to a few of their gigs on this tour if I could have escaped reality for a little longer! I Think they will always be one of my go to bands when I’m wondering what to listen to or when I’m feeling a little low, there lyrics are just incredible. Really connect with a lot of their songs! I’m sure there bassist Matthew thought I was a little mad.. we were stood right in-front of him and most of the gig I spent bouncing about or watching his hands while he played.. I’m not sure if that’s the done thing, but being a bassist I always enjoy watching other bassists play! So Matthew, if you thought I was odd.. your right I am, sorry! 😛 I did particularly like your marches across the stage every so often with high knees though! I can’t wait to see if more is going to come from these guys, if another album is coming out, another tour.. or what! Though if that is them done now, then that’s cool, Settle down with their families and what not I would be happy with that as the last time seeing them.. But, if they do come back.. I will be more than ready to join them!


(Image quality has been lowered.. thanks WordPress.. So if anyone wants a copy of these images in their proper quality give me a shout!)


Deliveries! =D

This week we got a few super cool deliveries!
One of them was a super amazing soft play mat that I had won in an auction on Facebook! If your interested in buying some soft play for in your house or business etc. I would really recommended checking out one of their auctions here!! They do them pretty regularly and there is always a bargain to be had!
When I saw this mat there was no way I was going to let it slip through my fingers!
It is the perfect size to fit in the little play corner we have in our room, blue and pink so means both my pair are happy and some wonderful stars stitched on to add a little magic! It is about the thickness of a gym mat, so wonderful for when the kids are throwing themselves about and works wonderfully as a head protector whenever Dylan decides to Do this.
Another winning feature on it for me was that it folds in half easily with a little grab handle, perfect for when we are having people over, or want a little floor space for train track building etc! Also very simple to clean, a quick baby wipe and it looks perfect again after any spills! I was more than impressed however with how quick I received this, I won the auction on Thursday, paid after dinner on Friday, it was posted on Monday and at my door on Tuesday morning! Wonderful quality, lovely customer service and super speedy delivery, I will be ordering some more shortly!
Here is a little video of Dylan enjoying dancing on the new mat to his favourite toy, BeatBo


The next delivery was one that took a little longer than I hopped, but boy was I pleased when it arrived! My sister sent me a link with what was the most perfect t-shirt I have ever seen. I then proceeded to look on the website and discover more and more amazing designs.. Luckily I had to be pretty controlled as the postage cost goes on weight of parcel and you can only have a certain amount in one parcel.. so I ordered us all one each of these t-shirts, but got a little disheartened when they didn’t do them small enough for little Dylan.. this didn’t discourage me though! I proceeded to place my order.. and discover that they did hoodies too! I mean .. check out this t-shirt!  (which I now have as a hoodie too)
img_6129So yes.. considering my blog name, and that this is also our favorite Disney movie I needed all of the things! I’m super impressed with how soft the t-shirts are, but I am very deeply in love with my hoodie.. fluffy on the inside, nice big hood, just perfect!
You can check out what they do here! They have three different designs each day that are at a cheaper price than the rest, but the others are also really reasonably priced and with some super awesome designs you wouldn’t find elsewhere!




Tom’s Storytime

Tom gave me the wonderful opportunity to review his books that he has been developing along side a website and an app for children! Today is launch day for his books and website! Here are my thoughts on the books and website! =]

Tom’s storytime is broken down into three different areas; Sprites which is for children aged 0-6, Adventurers which is 3-8 and Interactive which is for any age that loves to get involved in the story!


Whenever I received these books I was very excited for bed time to share them with my little girl and see what she would make of them! I had a quick flick through them before she got home from school, and really loved the art work in the first book we were sent to review. Very bright, colourful and cute little characters!

When it was bed time we snuggled on the sofa with my laptop in front of us and told Amellia we would be reading a new book today and that it was on my laptop.. now that bit confused her! But Tom has told me that you can purchase these books on Amazon for £5.99 each today or 99p each for on the Kindle! I personally prefer a real book for the kids to handle and flick through rather than one on a device but that choice is up to you as he has made both available!
Bug hunt was my favourite one out of the selection that I was sent, and it is for the Sprites!

bug hunt girl.pngCheck out how cute she is! She heads off on an adventure to catch some bugs, but it doesn’t always go her way! There are lots of catchy little phrases and sayings in this book! It also teaches little ones some things about bugs too and the little twist at the end is fantastic and made my little girl rethink what she thought of this certain mischief little bug!
She really enjoyed the book and has had it reread to her several times after asking for it!

The next book.. I wasn’t so keen on but my little girl loved it and said it was her favourite one out at the lot we had! To me I thought the main character actually looked a little creepy, but it seemed that was just me as my daughter loved this book!

This is Davey Chicken and his book is for the Adventures! It has lots of rhyming words in it and catchy little sayings that by the end of the book my little girl was joining in with saying them. In this book he is a very bad chicken, though by the end something has changed him, but what is it?
Take a read and see! =]

If you fancy purchasing either of these books or having a look at the other ones Tom has created, check them out here.

Alongside the books he has also created an interactive website with videos of the story’s being read to you by a lady in a wonderful wooden story time chair!
On the website there is also the first of the interactive books that he has made, I have watched this and I am sure my little girl will have lots of fun letting her imagination go wild as she listens! You can listen to both of those books being read and enjoy the interactive book here!

Be sure to pop over to his twitter- twitter.com/Toms_Storytime
and his facebook – www.facebook.com/TomsStorytime/
Then you will be able to see when new and exciting things are added to his website! =]

-WeeOhana x



Sunshine Blogger Award!

Here are my answers! =]

  1. How did you come up with your blog name?
    One of our favourite movies in this house is Lilo & Stitch! It also has such a great saying in the family that means a lot to us “ohana means family, family means that nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” So ohana is from that and then the wee bit is for small/ little! =]
  2. Name your top three films!
    Shutter Island, Butterfly Effect and A Beautiful mind!
  3. If you won the lottery what would you do with he money?
    I would buy a house out in the country with lots of land for my kiddies to run about on, make it all safe and wonderful for the kids and pay of the debts!
  4. Tell us an embarrassing story
    When I was younger I bought a little glass horse, it was super adorable and just amazing.. when my dad asked me what I was going to call it I proudly replied with Condom! My dad asked me if I was sure and that he didn’t think it was a great name but I insisted! Poor little Condom.
  5. Heels or flats?
    Flats every time! Only wear heels if I am going out, which is like never! Can’t run after the kids in heels!
  6. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
    Just my ears pierced! Always wanted my lip pierced and a tattoo.. but I’m never brave enough to get one! Always think I may change my mind on what I get!
  7. What is your favourite book?
    Now that is a hard one! I’m a very big fan of books and have many a favourite.. but one I really enjoyed was The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx
  8. Who is your girl crush?
    My girl crush is … Nina Dobrev ❤
  9. Do you have any blog goals for the next month/year?
    Umm.. not really! I am blogging because I really enjoy it and I hope that it helps others who are In the same situation to not feel so alone!
  10. Do you collect anything?
    I don’t think so?

The three bloggers I am going to tag are;

Rod at Modern Dad Pages
Cheryl at Mummy of 5 Miracles
Laura at Autumns Mummy Blog

Your 10 questions are;

  1. What is your favourite Animal?
  2. If you were ordering take-out, what would you get?
  3. Favourite T.V program?
  4. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  5. Do you enjoy food?
  6. What is your favourite show your child watches?
  7. If you could change one thing, what would you change?
  8. What is your favourite sport?
  9. If you could spend one day doing something just for you, what would it be?
  10. Tell me a joke!

Can’t wait to see your answers and hope you have enjoyed yourself! =D
WeeOhana x


Treat Day!

We try to ensure that Amellia gets to go out at least once a month with one us to do whatever she wants. Sometimes she picks swimming, other times clothes shopping but something she always picks is to go out for dinner! She loves her food and unfortunately going out for dinner as a family is something that we don’t do very often at all as Dylan is not a good eater, and all the noises, bright lights, people and smells just send him into meltdown.
Before Dylan was even born this was something that we had decided we would make sure we did, I think its important for all children to get a chance to do whatever they want for a day, have all the attention on them and be made to feel as special and wonderful as they are!
It is even more important to us now with everything that we are going through with Dylan as I don’t want her to miss out on all the typical “kid” things that he wouldn’t particularly enjoy. I also don’t want her to grow up resenting her brother because she didn’t get to do things she wanted to because of him. We try our best to do things as a family but it is tough, and I don’t like taking her out and having to say her to her that if Dylan doesn’t like it we have to go. She is wonderful with him though because if I take them to the park and he starts to get  upset she will come over to me and say “ok mummy time to go!” As much as this is wonderful, it’s not fair on a five-year old.

On our day out she decided she wanted to start with lunch at Little Wing Pizzeria! What a wonderful little spot, I love it. I am simply a huge pizza fan and they make exceptionally delicious ones! When we sat down she was super excited to pick off the menu herself and then get to colouring it in! She chose the minestrone soup as she liked the sound of it coming in a cup! When it arrived it was super cute in a teeny tiny cup, and she dove right in. Unfortunately though she wasn’t a big fan of this soup but to make it an even better experience the girl serving us then got her dough sticks  instead which she quickly devoured! Not only was this fantastic customer service but when she brought her over the dough sticks she told Amellia that is was great to try new things and that she was a super girl for trying the soup!
whilst we waited for our mains then we got a chance to colour in the menu, it was wonderful! They had little bits for you to draw what you thought certain things would eat and a picture for you to find other items in and colour them in, she had a lot of fun doing this and got really excited when she found the things we were looking for in the picture! She had lasagna for her main and she really loved it, she ate it all up and enjoyed it so much!

One of her favourite parts of the dinner was getting an ice cream and a little mini hot chocolate in another tiny little cup! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of these but they were just adorable! She also loved the fact that she got to have coke with her lunch and thought it was super special that it was in a glass bottle and not a little plastic cup!

She then wanted to do a spot of shopping, so we popped into a few of her favourite shops and picked up a few bits and pieces. We then headed home and told her daddy and brother all that we had been up to and how she can’t wait to go there again!


Ohh, I forgot to also tell you how wonderfully delicious my dinner was from Little Wing too, one of my favourite things that they do is there spicy cheesy bread for starters! I then had one of their pizzas for main which was just super as always.. I can’t remember exactly what one it was..doh.. but I do remember that it was yummy! We will certainly be back soon, I can’t wait for my next day out with her.
She is simply wonderful and really does not get enough credit ❤

Do you try to take your kids out on their own if you have more than one?
What do they love to do?

WeeOhana xx





Learning Curve to friendship <3

Amellia has been working really hard on building up her relationship with Dylan. She understands that he is a little different to others and that he doesn’t enjoy touching, close contact or really playing with her. Though I’m sure you can see how this is very difficult for a five year old to have to understand, and to follow through with. This is especially hard for her as she is basically the polar opposite of Dylan!

She wants to shower him with love and care. She wants to play with him 24/7, kiss and cuddle him and have in-depth conversations about what they are building with the Duplo blocks.. but she has slowly learnt that this isn’t going to get her very high up in Dylans popularity list. When he was building she used to go over and try and help and he would get frustrated at her and hit out, I always found this very hard to watch and explain to her over and over again. She wasn’t doing it out of badness, she just wanted to play and engage with her brother like she would other children. Whenever she then came anywhere near him he would hit out, try to bite her, scream etc at her.. and he still does now but not to anywhere near the same extent. They are both learning how each other work. She knows that if she goes and does something he can’t explain to her he is happy by himself so he will shout or do something else to show her, he has also learnt that not every time she walks past him or sits near that she is going to interrupt what he is doing.

I have seen huge progress between them recently, like all of a sudden they have clicked. They understand each other that little better and she understands why he is a little different and has accepted that she needs to treat him a little differently. Friday, was a huge moment for them. We came down in the morning when they had both awoken and Dylan was pottering about and Amellia was waking up and doing some drawing on her ipad.. when Dylan tottered over to her and sat up beside her all of his own accord. She then handed him her Ipad by choice and showed him what she was doing. She knows he really enjoys drawing so straight away he started to draw, he then took his little hand and placed it on hers. The squeal of delight out of Amellia was just magical. She didn’t want to move and declared this day to me as “The best day in her whole life” This is something that she has been waiting for, for a very long time!
img_4845They then sat like this for the next ten-fifteen minutes swapping whoevers hand was on top, while I melted with happiness for my little girl. This is the connection that she has been dying to get from her little brother since he was born and finally her dreams were coming true ❤

I had seen that the friendship was growing rather steadily recently, like something had just clicked. She seemed to know when he didn’t want fussed over but was very quick to jump in when he was in a playful mood or was doing something she could do along side him! She did a lot of running about the house beside him before he would even acknowledge that she was there, but now he is looking for her when he starts running about, its magical.


The other day they had lots of fun out on the trampoline together and Dylan got very upset when she got off, so she then got back on and bounced with him again! Then before she left she handed him a bit of chalk to draw with a zipped the trampoline up so he couldn’t get off by himself! This showed to me that she understood his cry was for her to come back, she then found something to distract him before she left and she also made sure her little brother was safe and couldn’t get hurt.

This was on Thursday, she had gotten into the car beside him, and as you can see by her face, she is being careful not to touch him too much with her arm! He stayed a minute or two longer then was ready to depart and go back to the trampoline. His most favorite thing in the garden!

They are slowly working each other out, but today has been a big step in the right direction. I couldn’t be more proud of them both. When you have your sibling who understands you and supports you, it can really help you along.  ❤

WeeOhana xx