Fuzzikins Review & Giveaway!

Recently we got sent some Dozy Dogs & Cozy Cats Fuzzikins to review & do a giveaway of.

IMG_3209.jpgWe decided to do the Dozy dogs first and Amellia just couldn’t wait to get going with designing them and I couldn’t wait to see how she made them all look! Everything that you need to do this craft is inside of the box so it is perfect as you don’t have to go hunting around for bits and pieces that you need you can just open the box and get on with it.

Once opened Amellia couldn’t believe that they actually felt fluffy and thought they were really cute. After looking at the colours provided she started to decided what sort of design she was going to do on them all. As you can see from this picture it took an awful lot of concentration to colour them in too!
IMG_3239.jpgShe had so much fun colouring them all in and it was lovely to see her concentrating really hard on making these little dogs looking just how she wanted them too. The only problem I found was that the pen did go onto her hands a lot, but thankfully washed off super easy.
IMG_3244.JPGShe was most proud of her little Harry Potter dog as she called him and even made up a little song about him that you may have caught over on my Instagram story a while ago.

IMG_3248.jpgHere are her little dogs that she designed, another thing I wasn’t to keen on was that it was nearly impossible to give them a nice smooth finish with the pens, but this didn’t bother Amellia at all.
IMG_3252.jpgWe then cracked on with making the beds for them so that she could put them all to sleep before she went to bed, it was a little fiddly but she really enjoyed making the beds, colouring them in and decorating them with the stickers provided.
IMG_3258.jpgWe really enjoyed colouring in the dogs and there beds, we laughed, made up songs and worked together. It kept her attention for a long time which is always a struggle and she has enjoyed playing with them ever since. Every night before bed she makes sure they are tucked in to sleep too. Lovely little set especially for the price.

If you fancy giving them a try pop over here for a chance to win a set, or over to my facebook page here. Why not enter both and give yourself a greater chance of winning a set! (UK & Ireland Residents Only)


*_* These products were sent to me free of charge to do a review & Giveaway. All opinions are my own honest ones.*_*


Zimpli Kids product review & giveaway!

My kids love some sensory play, so when Zimpli Kids got in touch with me asking if my kids would like to try out a few of their products and do a giveaway I jumped at the chance.
When Amellia got home from school I told her that she had some items she had to do a review of for my blog and she couldn’t wait to see what we had been sent.

IMG_3123As soon as she saw the Gelli Baff she was busting to try it out, apparently all the ‘cool’ people she watches on YouTube have been doing it and they all love it so she already had high expectations for it! I had my fingers crossed it would live up to these expectations so that she wouldn’t be disappointed.

IMG_3137Does this look like a face that was disappointed?
She had an absolute blast, and really enjoyed herself. She thought it was absolutely incredible, I on the other hand was worried it would be very messy and a nightmare to clean. By some miracle though she kept it all in the tub and it came with a little packet of powder you poured into it to turn it back in to water which happened almost instantly when you put it in and a huge plus is that it is 100% biodegradable. It also smelt amazing and is even ok to use for kids with sensitive skin!
The downfalls of this product is that you cannot put your head into it.. and that she now wants every bath to be just like this one!

The next day we also used the Crackle Baff which Amellia & Dylan could both enjoy. They smelled really great and cracked & popped for a lot longer than I expected. Both kids really loved these too.

On Saint Patrick’s day we decided to go with the green theme and try out the slime that we had been sent seeing as it was green.
IMG_3888I wasn’t quite as impressed with this. Amellia had a blast, but to start with I used half the amount of water that they suggested.. mainly because I wasn’t sure where I would get a container big enough for what they suggested so I thought we would try it and just have really thick slime. It took it a very long time to get to a slime like thickness & was still rather runny, but Amellia really loved it.
Dylan refused to touch it.. he’s not that into messy play.

She played with it for a long time, and as the day was reaching an end.. it ended up all over the kitchen floor. Fortunately we have tiles.. it’s not something I would want to tidy off carpet. It wasn’t too bad to tidy thankfully! I threw a few towels over it and then stuck them in the wash after making sure it was all soaked up as it did make the floor very slippy.

All in all we really enjoyed the products and if your kids are into messy play I would really recommended trying some of their products out.
If you fancy winning some enter my give away that is running until the 4th April 2018.
This giveaway is only open to people in the UK & Ireland. Good luck!

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*_* These products were sent to me free of charge to do a review & Giveaway. All opinions are my own honest ones.*_*


ToddleBike2 Review, Discount Code & Giveaway!

Many autistic children have poor motor skills and this makes many things challenging that you wouldn’t necessarily think about unless you were in the situation.
When I was offered the chance to try out the ToddleBike2 for Dylan I was really excited to see what he would make of it. The ToddleBike2 is really like a step before the very popular balance bikes you can get, it has four wheels and teaches the very basics of using a bike before having to worry about keeping the bike upright too.

The ToddleBike2 is aimed at children aged 18-36 months but can really be used by a lot large range of ages, Amellia loves Dylans ToddleBike2 and she is six years old! It has been tested up the weight of 100kg so your older ones can enjoy it too, without having to worry that it will break and it also has a 3 year guarantee just in case something is to happen.

IMG_0727.jpgThe ToddleBike2 is also extremely light and Dylan really enjoyed carrying it about for the first while and inspecting it. It took a little while of him carrying it about and playing with the wheels before he tried to sit on it.
With it only weighing 0.8kg it is really light to carry and would be perfect for taking out on walks and then when little one has had enough it is easily carrier for a parent!
We are going to keep to using it inside for longer for Dylan to grow his confidence on it but I know that it will be used a lot next summer when Amellia is out on her bike too!

IMG_1082Dylan started of sitting on it sideways and trying to shuffle along on the ToddleBike2 and really wasn’t sure how he was meant to make it move.

After some demonstration from his beloved Elmo and pushing Elmo about he then hoped on board himself and followed suit!

Look at that wonderful smile! Once he had is sussed he absolutely loved it, was on it all day and every time I put it into the kitchen he is bringing it back into the living room.
I really can’t wait to head out when Dylan is a bit more aware of his surroundings and the ToddleBike2 will go on many different surfaces with its lovely smooth wheels.

I totally love this ToddleBike2, when it arrived I was surprised at how small it was but do not let its size put you off. In fact, the size & how light it is really adds to just how brilliant this ToddleBike2 is. Another thing which I cannot believe is the little price tag to go along with how wonderful this bike is! It costs £23.95 and has free shipping to the UK & Ireland. Though if you aren’t lucky enough to win the giveaway I also have a 10% discount code to use here, the code is BLOG17!

Here is your chance to win a ToddleBike2 for your little one or a little one that you may know! You have to be in UK & Ireland to enter and you will have the choice of pink, red or blue. This will run until the 29th of November, Good Luck!!

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Find your name on the Alphabet Train!

Recently we got sent two lovely books to review and the main thing that made me really get on board to do this review was that they were personalized.
Your child’s name is on every page of the book and this worked wonders on keeping Amellias attention. Holding her attention for a period of time is generally quite a task, but when her name kept popping up in the book she couldn’t wait to find out what she would find next on the alphabet train!

Did you know that personalized books are read approximately nine times more than regular books? I think this is because they then feel really involved in the story, are excited to hear what adventures they are going on next  and enjoy pretending they are actually doing all the things described in the book. This is certainly the case for Amellia and what brought this book even more to life for her was that at the very start there was a little cartoon version of herself, she couldn’t believe it!

img_0077As we read through the book she really enjoyed the rhyming of the words and the way that some of the words had a slightly different font, for example for the word camel the text went up in a hump in the middle of the word. She also thoroughly enjoyed pointing out the letters that were in her room and took a lot of joy from reading the pages where the letters related to her name.
Dylan wasn’t able to understand this but really enjoyed reading the book with his sister and daddy downstairs before bed and pointing out the letters on the back.


After reading through the book and finishing the story Amellia could not believe that it had been personalized even more and had a little note on the last page.
She was eager to go and check out Dylan’s to see what message he had, but we had got them both the same so not to cause any arguments.
We really enjoyed these books, and with them being personalized it really added to the excitement factor when reading them. They were longer than what we would normally read at bed time, but I saved them for a weekend so that the little bit extra time reading didn’t matter too much. There were a few words that you wouldn’t normally come across in children’s books, but isn’t reading all about learning!?

If you fancy one of these books for your little one head over to Dr.Niamhs website by clicking here.

*-* disclaimer I was sent these books free of charge for an honest review, these are my own thoughts and opinions *-*


Appy Kids Co!

With it being the summer time I am finding it nearly impossible to keep snacks and drinks in the house, aren’t you?!
My little girl is an eating, drinking, talking and moving machine, so whenever the lovely team over at appy kids co asked me if I could review some of their new drinks and snacks that aren’t even out in the shops yet, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them for the kids to enjoy!

Whenever the drinks and snacks from appy kids co arrived Amellia was super excited that they were covered in minions! We love the minions movie in our house. It always provide us all with giggles, smiles and  quality time together. Having a much-loved film on healthy snacks and drinks is also a great way to encourage children to eat them. Thankfully for me though, Amellia will try anything at all and enjoys near enough everything! With Dylan, it wouldn’t make any difference what was on the packaging etc, it just depends on what the actual food looks like.

Amellia got stuck right into the juice as soon as we opened it, and she really loved it! She finished it right up and she then polished off a pack off the Mulberries & Raisins and had another two packets and gave her little brother a pack too!  She tried to give her brother a drink too, but unfortunately this ended up him covered in juice as he just squeezed the pouch! Though with a little help with his next one he really enjoyed it, and was trying to get some of his sisters on too!

img_8817These drinks and snacks were thoroughly enjoyed and I am always glad to be giving my children healthy alternatives! Unfortunately only one store in Northern Ireland stocks them, but if I am ever in the direction of the shop I will be sure to pop in and grab more!
You can find out where stores near you are that stock them and what other items they do over on their website at; www.appykidsco.com


Disclaimer; These products were sent to us free of charge in exchange for a blog. These are my own thoughts and opinions!


Pure Pet Food Review

Recently I was offered the chance to review some dog food for Pure Pet Food. I jumped on the chance as its pretty difficult to find food that sits well in Lilo’s tummy. When we give her treats that most dogs would love, she ends up throwing up and well.. this isn’t fun for her, or for us having to tidy it up! I am also aware that many dog foods on the market are full of things which aren’t too great for dogs! When I saw the list of  ingredients in this dog food, and that it was made in a human food facility, I couldn’t wait to give it a shot with our little pup!


We were sent the Turkey Terrific super sensitive food to try, when a small box arrived on my door step I was surprised. I wondered how I would be able to get even a few meals out of this to see what Lilo really thought or how it sat in her stomach.  I could not believe it when I opened the box. The food is dehydrated and this tiny little box makes up 2kg of food, I couldn’t believe it! The ingredients in the recipe are; 3 1/2 Turkey Breasts, 4 1/2 Parsnips, 1 1/2 potatoes, 125g Green Beans, 1/4 cabbage, 1/2 apple, 1 bunch of carrots and 200g of beef liver, and that’s it! How wonderful, all proper things that you and I would eat! To make it up you add the right amount of scoops of powder into the bowl for your dog’s weight and then some hot water, then  for the hard part for you dog… you have to leave it for 15 minutes to re-hydrate!

Lilo wasn’t too pleased with the whole waiting thing! She was jumping about and looking at me like I was mad with her bowl sitting on the counter. When I put it down she was a little confused, and wasn’t too sure on the whole thing, but tonight she had her last bowl of it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Though I now need to get anti-slip bowls.. by the time she had finished her dinner she had pushed the bowl all over the kitchen trying to get every last bit! When I first gave it to her I was worried about how I would keep all the dehydrated powder in the bag, but with a little look in the box I found that they also provided a little clip to keep the bag closed! Wonderful!
Pros: It doesn’t take up a lot of room as the box is so small for such a large amount of food, full of goodness and Lilo really enjoyed it!
Cons: Your dog has to wait a little which is not very fun for them!

The treats were absolutely amazing, I for one, always find that dog treats always have this horrible distinctive smell to them which I can’t stand, but these ones were just amazing. They smelt so incredible and again were just full of goodness! I gave them to Amellia so that she could give Lilo one or two.. as soon as she opened the pack she smelt them and said “Wow mummy these smell so good, I think humans can eat them too!” I then had to tell her no, they were just for Lilo, before she decided to sit down with Lilo and share them out!
Pros: They smelt amazing and were thoroughly enjoyed by Lilo!
Cons: My daughter wanted to eat them too!


If you fancy giving Pure Pet Food a try, here is a little link that will get you 40% off all of there starter packs! https://purepetfood.co.uk/pure-revolution 


Disclaimer: This food was sent to us free of charge in exchange for a blog. These are my own thoughts and opinions.