Capsicana Sauces!

Recently I got the opportunity to try some of the new sauces that are now available in Sainsbury’s! I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and start cooking up some meals with new flavours for us to try!

IMG_9540When they arrived, I was really impressed by their lovely packaging I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover and the such.. but these sauces even looked yummy!

The first one I had to try was the Mexican Chilli & Honey, I decided to do it with cut up chicken breasts and some noodles. Very simple sauce, no faffing about with adding water, or needing heated in the microwave, just over the cooked chicken and then serve it up!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-02 at 9.09.02 PMIt tasted absolutely wonderful! Adrian and myself could not believe how delicious it was! The next night when Adrian got in from work he asked me what sauce we were going to try tonight as he couldn’t wait to get stuck in!


One of our favourite quick, tasty and comfort meals are mince fajitas. I thought why not add a little twist and try the Cuban Chilli & Lime as the sauce for with them instead of the usual!
It added such a difference to the fajitas and they were just simply wonderful! 

Adrian then had the other two for when he was working and told me that I have to buy more of these sauces as he just loves them!
On my next trip to Sainsburys I will be sure to add some more of these to my shopping basket and I suggest you do too!
Tasty, different, easy, quick and beautifully packaged!

Capsicana Latin American Sauce! =] 


*I was sent these products free of charge to do a review, all thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own. *


Crash Bandicoot!

Not many of my readers will be aware, but I have a huge love for my PS4.
I play it most nights and have a large range of games that I really enjoy playing. It’s an escape for me, somewhere where I don’t have to be an adult and I have to focus so much that I zone out and forgot about the real world.

When I heard that a Crash Bandicoot game was coming out I got rather excited, but once I discovered that they were just remastering the first 3 from PS1 and it didn’t have Crash Team Racing on it I was a little disappointed.
I bought it after a few days huffing, justifying that it’s a game Amellia could play and would enjoy… as soon as it was turned on, I didn’t want to give the controller up! The memories and the need to get all of the boxes to get the box crystal as well was far too much! I had to give up my desire to play it solidly all day and let her have a go! She died… a lot, but she was having fun so that’s all that mattered!


Once the little ones were fast asleep in bed we turned Crash Bandicoot Warped on! It was always a favourite in my family and we would sit for ages playing it, trying to beat each other’s top time to complete the levels! The hubby though had never played Crash before… I mean, who hasn’t played Crash before?! I was stunned! We settled down with a few drinks and got cracking!

All of a sudden it was two in the morning and we had been playing it the whole night!
We gave up on collecting the box crystals and are going to go back through the levels to get them after we have all the extra skills you pick up at each boss, but the memories!
I could remember nearly every single level that we played and quickly understood why my dad got so angry at levels when he kept dying at the really easy parts!

It was called a night though whenever we became stuck on the same level that was always a pain.
The motorcycle one. If you have played this game you will know what I’m talking about.
I swear those little blue go-kart type cars go fast than crash on his motorbike!

This game really made me feel so nostalgic. Absolutely worth a buy, even if it is just for a trip down memory lane; it’s also Fantastic, infuriating, simple, family friendly and fun!




My Sunday Photo- 02.07

This week has been a real crazy one for me!
Amellia had her eyes checked and now has to wear glasses all the time, thankfully she can’t wait to get them on Tuesday!
Dylan was at his CDC clinic, which was rather .. I’m not really sure.. read about it here
Hubby was at the hospital about his broken finger and has to have his finger strapped and immobilized for another week
Then I ended up at Greenday, thanks to my lovely brother getting me a ticket!
How has your week been?

Dylan practicing his colours & counting.
Greenday were great, the only downside was that they played a lot of there new songs, I’m an old fan!

I managed to get this really awesome dress for Amellia in the Mothercare sale.. I’m rather jealous that they don’t do it in my size though!



Throwback Thursday #6

Throwback Thursday

My guest blogger for Throwback Thursday today is Vicki!

  1. What was your favourite band?
    Westlife, ahhh I used to flippin love them!
  2. What was your favourite movie?
    It was (and still is) Harry Potter.. bit of a potter nerd I admit.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
    That’s a really hard one!  I would probably label myself as slightly nerdy/but relatively ‘normal’.I didn’t seem to fit into any specific groups.
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened
    ! One of the things I can remember was daring our friend ( as you did then) to go into the shop in his underwear. It doesn’t sound so funny now, and I honestly cant think why he would have done it, but as a 15 year old it was bloody hilarious! I think he traumatised a lot of people that day in his batman boxers..
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    I wouldn’t say I regret anything, but there are things I would probably do a little differently, for example steer clear of my wardrobe!
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Coca Cola, I lived off the stuff! until I reached 18 then I fell in love with wine 🙂
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    At the time I thought I was! but I can assure you, I definitely was not haha.
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    I used to love Sabrina, what a show that was!.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I always wanted to be a vet, until I realised I couldn’t handle the sight of blood and needles!
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!

My blog is about my journey through motherhood with 3 little loves, and also how I cope with my anxiety and depression whilst being mum! https://vicswords.wordpress.com
Twitter is – https://twitter.com/anxiousmum1

I must say Vicki, you have aged well! You are beautiful! Your funny story sounds like something that me and my chums would have got up too! lol!
Hope you have a lovely day!



#MyWeeklyHug 07.06

Today I am joining up with Cheryl from Mummy of five Miracles for her brand new linky #MyWeeklyhug. I love the idea of sharing and remembering weekly about the precious little hugs you receive!
This week my photo is from when I had got home after Newcastle and Dylan decided to turn into a limpet.. he wouldn’t budge from my knee and constantly wanted carried. This is his way of showing me that he really missed me a loves me. He has a very hard time communicating at all with us, but this to me was clear. ❤
I shower my kids with hugs and cuddles, probably far to many but they are only small once, and its not doing them any harm to get that extra little snuggle is it! =]

-WeeOhana x

Mummy of 5 Miracles