Project life, Holiday & Hubbys Birthday 

Recently we all went on a little holiday too Portugal for 7 days. It was so lovely, the tempurature was just right for being there with two little ones! Not too cold and not too warm that you constantly needed to drink and hide in the shade! We were staying in a fabulous hotel situated in the Algarve.  The hotel was nice and quiet because the families with older children obviously wouldn’t go away now as the children are in school, and the people who love to just lay by the pool and watch life pass them by prefer it when it is a bit warmer! Though the hotel did have the Sweedish womans football team staying, they were out most of the days either traning or playing in the Algarve cup! One of my favourite features of this hotel was that they had a little kids club. It had an outdoor area, which was just like a nice little park, slides and the sort! They then also had a little indoor bit filled with loads of toys, books, colours, playdough,etc! You got a rota when you checked into the hotel of what the Kids club would be doing each day.. obviously the itinerary wasn’t stacked full of fun and exciting things as it was off peak that we were there, but they had a morning where they did playdough and had movies on at certain times etc my little girl adored it and after Breakfast every morning she would ask her grampy  to take her down! It was great as it gave me that extra time to go back to the room and get sorted for the day as we generally decided over breakfast what wanted to do with ourselves! When on Holiday with a three year old and a three month old you must make sure that you are prepared for anything and everything! 

I was pretty nervous about the flight over .. mainly because my little one isn’t the best at sitting still for five seconds let alone a few hours! Though she was just fanastic! I packed her a little bag with a few new things in it so it would be different and exciting for her to do! On the way over on the plane she enjoyed watching the Moshi Monsters Movie and fell asleep while watching it for a while, so that was good! Filled some of the time! On the way back she just chatted, played with my ipad, did a agazine and all the other little things that I could think of to encourage her to stay still without essentially asking her to do this, as then she would just rebel! My little boy.. well he was an angel on the flghts! Had his bottle, went to sleep, woke up for a little chat then back to sleep again! When we got off the airaplane back at home a lady said to me “You wouldn’t have even known there were kids on the flight!” That made me feel pretty accomplished and chuffed! 😛

While we were away on holiday it was my husbands 33rd Birthdy! We went to Zoomarina for his birthday and boy, my little girl was blown away! Dolphins, seals, merry go round, dinosaurs, rollarcoasters, birds.. what more could a little one want! Ater watching the dolphin show she decided straight away she wanted to be a Dolphin Trainer! .. I think she may need a lot of swimming lessons  before she can do that though.. oh and grow little bit! We then went into a bird walk, there was food for you to feed the birds with and im so thankful it was quiet because the birds walked right up to you and ate it off your hand! I got some wonderful pictures! When we got back to the hotel, they had provided him with a lovely cake and a bottle of sparkling wine! I thought it was a lovely touch as no one had mentioned to the hotel that it was his birthday! They must just have picked it up from his passport! 

Another day we went to see the remains of a castle and to walk around it.. my litle girl loved this and adorded pretedning that she was the princess of the castle! The views from the castle were stunning and how well mentioned it had been was fantastic! The other days we chilled out by the swimming pool, went to the beech, walked about the little villages close by and so forth! It was just lovely!

One of the days we also visited the hotel that my mum and dad had taken me and my brother too when we were 12/13. It hadn’t changed a bit! Which was nice because it was all so familiar! AH That was such a fun hotel! In the hotel we stayed in we got a 1 bed appartment.. I would reccomened doing that if you have little ones.. it means they have room to run circles.. or for you toput  them to bed then chill out by yourselves for a while!

When I asked my three year old daughter which bit of the holiday was her favourite she replied with the plane.. what normal three year old chooses being contained as the best part!! she is crazy!

Here are the pictures of my project life for that holiday! Though I’m currently I’m Wales till Tuesday to see my family with the two littlers and my mum! Its going ok.. not as exciting and relaxing as Portugal, but i’m sure it will be fine! (Must stay possitive!)

These pictures are of my mum helping my little one feed a bird, her on a merry Go round with daddy, my daddy with her and my little boy enjoying the sun! Also my little man smiling, my princess laying on ball and her with my dad at the castle! I tried to keep little bits for memories too and put on the, why they were so Great.. That was at. Restaurant my littl girl loved.. It had a ball pit! What child wouldn’t love that!

In this one Is the little Letter that the hotel left for my Hubby on his birthday! The beautiful birthday cake, my princess with us both, me and my mummy! The hotel keycard, map of the area and luggage tag! Also my most favourite picture of the holiday! My husband and my little girl Amellia feeding the bird in Zoomarina, it’s just fab ❤

So any tips to make it prettier, more attractive and the such? 

Anyway.. i must Dash!

WeeOhana xxx