Sensory Play with Orbeez!

Recently I purchased some Orbeez to do some sensory play with Dylan and for Amellia to enjoy too!
If you haven’t heard of them before they are teeny tiny little balls when they arrive and then you soak them in water for a few hours and they expand up to 200x there original size! They are really impressive things and are really relaxing to play with if I do say so myself!


I put his favorite toys in to encourage him to play with them. I thought that he wouldn’t be keen at the start but he loved them and dove straight into burying his Twirlywoos in them and uncovering them, then getting me to bury them again so he could get them out. We did this for quite some time and then he started to lift them out and look at them very closely!
IMG_7103I took this as an opportunity to go over his colours again and he had lots of fun shouting out which ones he knew and trying to pick them up as they are pretty slimy! We then also counted them when he was lifting them out!

IMG_7122He then was enjoying it so much he decided to dip his toes in and then stand in them! He really enjoyed it and had lots of fun!

When Amellia got home from school she also had loads of fun playing with them, she enjoyed putting her feet in them too and feeling them on her hands!

I would really recommended trying these out with your children for some sensory fun!

These are the ones that I ordered, but there are lots of different options to choose from! I think I am going to order him some of the extra large ones they do to see what he makes of them too!



Newcastle Adventures #3

After all that excitement from on the plane and the tram it was onwards to go and do a spot of shopping in Newcastle! First off though we grabbed a bite to eat from a lovely little Chinese shop, they were fantastic! I hadn’t ever had them before but I think they were called dumplings? Here they are;


We then headed on to find me an outfit to wear out that night, we must have exhausted all the shops looking for a pretty dress, but we just couldn’t find anything that jumped out at us! So I settled for an AC/DC top, shorts & tights! In a funny way it reminded me of myself before I became a mum! I used to wear shorts and tights all the time and used to have a rocking AC/DC t-shirt, that I haven’t been able to squish into for a long time now! I didn’t feel to bad though!


While we were walking back up the main street.. Newcastle is huge by the way! A lot bigger than I had expected and I was nearly getting Louise to get a lead for me as I was pretty scared of getting lost in such a huge place! We saw an Owl, now she is obsessed with owls; so she spent nearly ten minutes talking to the lady about the owl and stroking it, next we bumped into a beat boxing spider man, he was pretty impressive though! It was then time to head back to her apartment and get ready for going out to dinner and having some cocktails!


We headed out to the Alchemist! I have never seen such an impressive cocktail list and with so many of them that did funky stuff; It took me a long time to choose what one to have first and then to order some food. When it all came I was very impressed, extremely tasty and those cocktails were strong! We then headed onto another pub to have a few drinks and a dander around to see the bridges lit up at night! There was an awful lot of bridges!

The next day was spent mainly recovering until it was time to go and see Madina Lake, which you are read all about here!

The next day was time to come home and the whole trip had gone far too fast, though not quite as fast as the power walk Louise decided to take me on to see her new house! I do now know how she walks so fast! I ended up with a stitch and I was so knackered I couldn’t wait to sit down in the taxi! She had a little giggle at how when she went really fast, I had to jog to keep up!


The flight home went smoothly and my wonderful family were waiting to pick me up.. my daughter had some wonderful comments “I forgot what you looked like” & “Your a cow noob” .. kids are great!

My next adventure is to Manchester with my sister to go to BlogOnXmas in September! =D

Newcastle Adventure #1
Newcastle Adventure #2



Throwback Thursday #5

Throwback Thursday

Oh man haha! Ok here goes..


My guest blogger for Throwback Thursday today is – Becky from Bringing up the Berneys

Oh man haha! Ok here goes..

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favourite band?  
    My favourite band, hmm, would probably have been a toss up between You Me @ Six and Evanescence. (I still love both.)
  2. What was your favourite movie?  
    Err, for a long time it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
      haha, I guess I would have put myself on the edge of Emo, but primarily just “normal.” (You could say Wannabe-emo hahaha)
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    At one of the local nightclubs, they used to hold “underage nights” (AKA: nappy nights) where under 18s could have a night out in the club – no drinking alcohol obviously, it was basically one big open disco. My friends and I were standing in the queue to get in, and at the door the bouncers were breathalyzing everyone going in. I’d never seen a breathalyzer or knew that’s what they were doing, so I stared at the bouncer and said, “I haven’t brushed my teeth!” They then proceeded to laugh and gave me a mint haha. First and last time of being breathalyzed, never felt like such an idiot!
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    I think most people regret half of their teenage lives lol! There are a few wardrobe choices, a few wrong friendships…and definitely a few bad hair dyes that I regret for sure.
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Coke. I drank far too much of it – and I was teetotal until I turned 18, never saw the appeal to drinking before.
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Hell yeah! I thought I was the bees knees for “not following the crowd” and listening to alternative/rock music and wearing dark eyeliner and band tees. (I look back now and cringe.)
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I didn’t really know, I was stuck in limbo for a long time. I had no real “want” to be or do anything in particular! I did wonder about Technical Theatre or Teaching though.
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!
    Oh dear. Okay….

) Over at Bringing up the Berneys, I’m basically just documenting the on goings of my life as a mum and step-mum, the highs/lows of parenting and the daily life of us as a family! You can find us at: https://bringinguptheberneys.wordpress.com/
Twitter link – https://twitter.com/bringinguptheb
Facebook link- https://www.facebook.com/bringinguptheberneys/
Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/eckyba/ (I’ve yet to change it from my normal acc to my blog one lol)

Thanks for having me! 🙂 Becky x

Anytime Becky! Your answers reminded me of myself! I thought I was a cool kid being alternative and everything with different colored hair and changing it all the time! Also can’t believe you thought they were checking you had brushed your teeth!

Hope you enjoyed yourself and thanks for your answers Becky!
If anyone else wants to get involved contact me and I am more than happy to have you!


Newcastle Adventure – Part #1

Recently I took a trip to Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit my lovely best friend! I was super excited and on the count down as I just couldn’t wait to visit her.. until the time got really close.. I had to fly by myself for the first time and leave my kiddies! Mind you I was only gone for 2 nights.. so I knew they would be fine really! The what ifs, buts and maybes filled my head though.. but on wards I went and didn’t let it dampen my spirits!

We woke up bright and breezy and I put on some comfy yet awesome clothes for the flight! We left my little girl to the in-laws so that they could walk her to school for us and headed up to the airport! Dylan fell asleep in the car on the way up which made it far simpler as he isn’t a fan of when someone gets out of the car, it gets him rather upset! I said my goodbyes and headed on my way, checking several times that I had my phone, purse and my boarding pass would load on my phone! My boarding pass scanned perfectly and it was on-wards to the awkward security!

It had a long line, so my nerves just built up, I thought to myself; simple just walk through and not look suspicious it will all be fine.. apparently I take after my mum with the whole suspicious walk even though you aren’t thing! Thankfully they didn’t go through my bag as I have a few loafs of Veda bread in it for my friend.. so it would have probably stirred a few looks.. but I had to go in this machine that spins round you! Though I told you I wasn’t suspicious so, it came back ok and I got sent on my way!
I mosied about the airport for a little while and then the ingenious little EasyJet app pinged on my phone to tell me my gate had opened! I didn’t even have to go in search of one of those boards with 100s of flights in tiny writing on! Relief!
As I got to the gate everyone was queuing already waiting to get on.. but I just took a seat and left them too it.. why fight to get on a plane when you already have seat numbers!

As we all sat down on the flight someone came on and said they were sitting in the seat beside me that was already taken.. lots of checking of seat numbers etc, and then they realized the person beside me was on the wrong flight! She was meant to be going to Barcelona ..  how disappointed would you be if you ended up in Newcastle instead of Barcelona!
She then got took off the flight then the flight attendants went into army mode.. my row and the one behind and in-front had to get off the seats while the pulled apart the seats and checked she hadn’t put anything anywhere and they then went on to check all the hand luggage on the flight belonged to someone on the flight.. It was pretty scary, but fantastic to see how quickly and efficiently! It was time to take flight, wave goodbye to Belfast, read my book and listen to some music and .. well 40 mins and I had landed in Newcastle!


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Madina Lake
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Throwback Thursday #4

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday number #4 is all about Lisa from Pass The Prosecco Please!

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favorite band?
    I was a complete boyband lover, and 911 were my absolute favourites.  I went and watched them live age 14 and climbed a telegraph pole so I could wave at them. Oh, the shame!
  2. What was your favorite movie?
    I wasn’t a huge movie person as a teenager, but it was the era of teen-slasher movies like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Blair Witch Project, so I watched plenty of those.  Armageddon was a huge one as a teen.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
    Emo wasn’t really a thing when I was a teen, everyone seemed to either be a Goth, Chav or Boff(nerd).  I didn’t really fit into any of them, I was more a hippy-geek, with my plaited bunches, embroidered jeans and Shaun the Sheep backpack.
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    I told a huge fib about how I wasn’t scared of needles and how I’d had an operation and they didn’t phase me, and then when I went for my BCG I sat in the chair and promptly did a runner as soon as the bird pulled the needle out.  When they caught me about a mile away I was dragged back and then I fainted as soon as she jabbed me.  I never lived that one down.  I also dislocated my shoulder and had to be carried half way round the cross-country route by my Welsh PE teacher, like a full fireman-carry.  I was so embarrassed.
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    Yes, I let myself be bullied and taken the p*ss out of constantly.  I was bullied badly and so painfully shy I let people treat me like sh*t and take the mick constantly.  It was an unhappy time for me, I wish it could have been so different.
  6. What was favorite drink?
    Irn Bru, it was the best.
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Not at all, I was ‘sad’, as above I was just one of the hangers on that was a bit of a target for bullies.
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    Byker Grove and Knightmare, they were the best!
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    A vet or a teacher.  As it goes I get way too emotional about animals and I don’t like children(apart from my own) so neither was going to happen!
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!
    I don’t have any photos of me as a teenager, they are all in a box at my mums!

Lisa is a 30-something mum of one, a blogger and a keen wine drinker.  You can find her random writings over at passtheproseccoplease.co.uk
Twitter link – twitter.com/passtheprosecco
Facebook link- facebook.com/passtheproseccoplease

Lisa, you sound like you were the cutest teenager! I must see a picture of these plaited bunches with your shanu the sheep bag! Sorry to hear you were bullied though, what a horrible thing to go through!

I hope you all enjoyed number #4 on the Throwback Thursday fun!
-WeeOhana x


Throwback Thursday #3

Throwback Thursday

My third guest blogger for Throwback Thursday is Richie from One Hull Of A Dad

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

1. What was your favourite band?
I used to like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre etc. I loved rap music, I was gangsta fo sure!
2.What was your favourite movie?
My favourite movie was and still is Die Hard, I must have seen it about 50 times. All men should like Die hard, it’s like a rule or something
3.What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
I’m not sure what category I would fall into, I wasn’t a chav, I didn’t hang with the cool kids but also wasn’t a geek, I could only really say I was just “normal” haha.
4.Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
can’t really remember anything really funny (I am getting old now). one thing that was funny at the time was betting our mate he wouldn’t eat a shit mix of food we find in the cupboards (we were getting pissed). He agreed and spent the rest of the night throwing up! It was funny at the time.
5.Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
No, I don’t regret anything, I was a good boy. Sorry, no gossip here.
6.What was favourite drink?
Cans of Fosters were my tipple of choice followed by Vodka and Red Bull, there were many a drunken time on Vodka and Red Bull
7.Did you think you were cool?
I didn’t think I was cool, I wished I was. Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t hang out with the cool kids, mainly because their idiots! All of my mates were good lads and we just enjoyed chillin out and having parties etc.
8.Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
Friends! It has to be! I’ve seen every episode so many time I reckon I still know what they would say next in each episode. They don’t make them like they used to (god I sound old now)
9.What did you want to do when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a policeman, ever since I used to watch The Bill on TV when I was little. Once I left college that soon changed.
10. Share a picture of you then and now!
The small photo is of me at my prom, the quality is awful as it was a photo of a physical photo I took and then put on Facebook. The other photo is of my at Christmas with my family.



One Hull of Dad is a dad of two and husband to one. He lives in Hull and blogs about his life as a working dad and any other such nonsense he can think of. You can find him at www.onehullofadad.co.uk or on social media:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –

I hope you enjoyed the third Throwback Thursday!
I have to agree with you on friends it was a wonderful T.V show! Hope your friend was ok and learnt a lesson to not just eat all of the food he finds!

If you want to get involved in Throwback Thursday give me a shout! =]
-WeeOhana x