Garden & Park Fun!

Dylan has recently got extremely good at writing the letter A, generally with both hands at the same time! As soon as he goes into the back garden he is looking for the chalk and tries to ensure that ever single gate panel has an A on it.
Amellia loves it when he writes the letter A, as she says that he is looking for her when he is doing it. I adore the fact that she is starting to enter his world and accepting that he interacts in other ways, and I for one will not be telling her that he just has a huge love for the letter A and writing it and that it doesn’t mean this!
He can also write a few other letters, but A is in a strong first place at the moment, along with his favourite colour; brown.

We all went to the park the other day and had such a lovely time, Dylan had me going down the slide and climbing up on the cargo net so that I could help him, well by help, he was clung to me like a limpet.. it made manoeuvering him to the slide pretty difficult but with daddy close by we made it safely!

We then went on the swing basket, after a while I told Adrian that it was his turn!
Look at this beautiful capture I got! I love it!
Amellia snuggling into him with the most beautiful smile while she held his hand and him accepting it, Dylan playing with her hair and daddy with them both safely beside him with the most loving & happy smile on his face!
Perfection, the three most important people to me, all having a lovey time together and I have this wonderful snap to look back at and smile!
Though I must say I’m pretty jealous he didn’t snap a picture of me with the pair of them.. but he is a man, this is why woman take selfies, otherwise they wouldn’t be in any pictures with their kids! lol!



Verbal; but not happy.

Recently I have been finding things really tough..
Obviously I am over-joyed by Dylan’s progress, being able to know the names of colours and to say the sounds for the majority of the letters in the alphabet, don’t get me wrong, that’s incredible.
I’m really proud that he can do these new things and that I can hear his voice, but it is still not communication with another human.
It’s also slightly odd to celebrate your child’s first word when it isnt a sterotypical first word. As parents you always discuss when they are babies and they are growing up.. ohh will they say mummy or daddy first and you always have a little sort of joke and competition about it. (Even though we all know dada is likely to be the first as it’s the easiest to say!)

My child’s first word though, was “brown” he loves saying it and he gets so excited and is really pleased with himself when he knows the colours of things, but its tough.
As a parent, your heart always flutters when your little one calls out for you, be it mum, mummy, dad or whatever name they have for you. It’s special and you will always recognise when its your child calling for you even if you are in a park with lots of children shouting it at the same time.
Don’t get me wrong, I will automatically recognise Dylan’s little voice even if it is just shouting out colours; I mean I don’t think I have ever heard a child be so excited over colours or the alphabet before, but he really loves them.
He loves me and I know that he does, he shows it to me in other ways but I still just strive to hear him call me “mummy.” In reality, no one knows when this will be. It could be tomorrow, or it could be months and months away.

Though I also feel very guilty for feeling like this, I should be so ecstatic that he can do this, its incredible clever, wonderful and I can finally hear his voice.
I shouldn’t be letting my own selfish needs to be called mummy cast a shadow over this moment. Unfortunately though I just can’t shake the feeling niggling away at the back of my mind.
I think also with some people saying things like “oh that’s great, he is going to be fine now!” is just really bugging me. How does this make him fine? Yes, he can tell you what colour your pencil is if he wants to, or what letters you have printed on your top, but he can’t tell you how he is feeling, what he wants, or what’s annoying him. It is still all a huge guessing game for me, one that is extremely exhausting mentally and physically.

I think one of the hardest things about this all is the unknown. There is no book, rules, or general things that they all do at a certain age or time.
Unlike with my daughter she had milestones to meet between certain ages and the majority of children do these things in the ages set down.. but Dylan and other children like him.. it’s all the unknown, there isn’t any milestones he should reach at a certain age it’s just all about going with him, working with him and whatever he does next we will celebrate greatly, but what is it that we will be celebrating next, no body really knows and I think the unknown is a very scary thing for the majority of people.



Project life, Febuary!

My sister and I decided that seeing as we are both doing project life this year tht we would make a night of it and do it together! First of all we started off by filling our tummys with some much needed food! Everyone needs a full tummy to be able to concentrate right! ;] We made some lovely soft shell tacos with mince, onions peppers, and everything else you need to make great tacos! It is such a moreish dinner, tastey, filling and just dam right satisfying! Unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture of it to put on here.. actually, I think with how excited I was to get tucked into them the thought just slipped my mind.. when I remembered.. It had all gone! Do you guys have any foods that you really love that is just moreish? We need some more ideas for when we re doing next months! 😛

I really enjoyed spending the time with my sister doing something that we both enjoy.. because lets face it, I have children now.. normally she is having to come too the park, play, or something else child related! We don’t get to relax or chat properly then as having to constantly entertain a hyperactive three year old and rock a little baby is just… constant! 

It was great because my sister brought up some of her stuff that she uses for project life that I don’t have! Though after using some of her bits, there was certain ones that really stood out and I just had to have for myself! We also swappd/shared some of our project life cards that we had and discovered some made by Teresa Collins! They are beautiful and we now have even more pojct life cards! My sister also had this great little machine for label making, but it gives the letters a 3D effect! I loved it so much I had to get myself one as it just made it look so fantastic, it is called a dymo! it is currently £8.99 on the UK amazon, which is just a fantastic bargin! She also brought with her punches for paper that are letters, does that make sense? These were just a few of my favorites out of all tht she brought with her!

I didn’t use much of the dymo stuff this month.. even after saying how fb it is.. but it really is great! It is the black strip with the white writting on the first page I he used it on my top left on and on my second page it is on the right of the middle row!  I also used Washi tape on it quite a bit! it’s like bluetac .. but it doesnt affect the wall and the carpet if you drop some lke the blue tac!

Well sure I will show you what I did with my Febuary pages & I hope you enjoy them!

First of all Febuary was a lovely little month! Didn’t do to much or too little! It started off with the lovely memories of Valentines Day! My daughter is three and whenever my husband gave me my valentines day present she piped up with “The postman hasn’t been with my Valentine yet” My husband and I just looked at each

 other .. and he then promptly had to go do some “shopping” she was getting a quick bath whenever he got home so he planted the surprises outsife in view of the front door for her coming downstairs.. her reaction was just priceless! He had got her a rose and some heart shaped marshmallows and she wsa he happiest girl alive. She was convinced her little brother had got them for her which made it even sweeter! She gave him pleanty of kisses and cuddles and jsaid thank you to hm about 1000 times! Myself and my hubby went to see Crashed Ice with my best friend and her partner! If you haven’t ever heard of crashed ice.. its basically Ice Skating down a massive slope with turns, lumps and bumps over it while racing 3 other people! It was a great wee night as it was something completley different to what we would normally do, though as you can see from the pictures of u it was very, very cold… at one stage we ended up walking circles to just keep warm! The night then got even better.. me and the chum decided that we were going to go out for a drink and have a little dance! Now I can’t rememeber the last time I was out before this, so it was lvely to just let my hair down and have a little dance, let down my hair and laugh! I really enjoyed myself and we have both said we are gng to make it a regular thing! I’m already excited for next time ;]

This lot of pictures from Febuary are just such a mix! The top left one shows how hands on my little girl loves to be!! We bough new toy storage units for there rooms and she just had to help make them! I wasn’t going to stop her.. it may have taken double the time it would have if i had done it myself, but she was having fun helping me and it was helping her devolp! It was a great wee bounding thing, because obviously I had to start off the screw so it didnt out when she tried, she then tightened it as much as she could and I then had to tighten it again at the end to make sure that the whole thing wasnt going to fll apart! I was very surprised at how well she cooperated and waited for me to do each bit that “big girls” had to do.. I thought after maybe one or ywo she would have been bored! The picture in the midde.. well it was either a cry or luahg situiation and I;m pretty proud to say I went with laugh! She appeared in my bedroom, snuck up the middle of the bed (this was at 6am) then touched my fave and said “Look mummy I’m in my invisible clothes” She was copletely butt nakes, coered in sudocrem! Some of you guys may know what it is like.. for those of youwho don’t.. its a nightmare to wash off someone when you are half asleep and very cnfsed by what has just happened! The oes on the bottom are of the both of them just chilling out, Little mad has a cheeky little grin which im not sure if you guys can make out and my precious princess asleep on my leg whenever she was ill! =[ 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog! Any questions, ideas, gossip… I’m eited to hear it! =] 

Hope your all well! WeeOhana ❤