Throwback Thursday #5

Throwback Thursday

Oh man haha! Ok here goes..


My guest blogger for Throwback Thursday today is – Becky from Bringing up the Berneys

Oh man haha! Ok here goes..

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favourite band?  
    My favourite band, hmm, would probably have been a toss up between You Me @ Six and Evanescence. (I still love both.)
  2. What was your favourite movie?  
    Err, for a long time it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
      haha, I guess I would have put myself on the edge of Emo, but primarily just “normal.” (You could say Wannabe-emo hahaha)
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    At one of the local nightclubs, they used to hold “underage nights” (AKA: nappy nights) where under 18s could have a night out in the club – no drinking alcohol obviously, it was basically one big open disco. My friends and I were standing in the queue to get in, and at the door the bouncers were breathalyzing everyone going in. I’d never seen a breathalyzer or knew that’s what they were doing, so I stared at the bouncer and said, “I haven’t brushed my teeth!” They then proceeded to laugh and gave me a mint haha. First and last time of being breathalyzed, never felt like such an idiot!
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    I think most people regret half of their teenage lives lol! There are a few wardrobe choices, a few wrong friendships…and definitely a few bad hair dyes that I regret for sure.
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Coke. I drank far too much of it – and I was teetotal until I turned 18, never saw the appeal to drinking before.
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Hell yeah! I thought I was the bees knees for “not following the crowd” and listening to alternative/rock music and wearing dark eyeliner and band tees. (I look back now and cringe.)
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I didn’t really know, I was stuck in limbo for a long time. I had no real “want” to be or do anything in particular! I did wonder about Technical Theatre or Teaching though.
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!
    Oh dear. Okay….

) Over at Bringing up the Berneys, I’m basically just documenting the on goings of my life as a mum and step-mum, the highs/lows of parenting and the daily life of us as a family! You can find us at: https://bringinguptheberneys.wordpress.com/
Twitter link – https://twitter.com/bringinguptheb
Facebook link- https://www.facebook.com/bringinguptheberneys/
Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/eckyba/ (I’ve yet to change it from my normal acc to my blog one lol)

Thanks for having me! 🙂 Becky x

Anytime Becky! Your answers reminded me of myself! I thought I was a cool kid being alternative and everything with different colored hair and changing it all the time! Also can’t believe you thought they were checking you had brushed your teeth!

Hope you enjoyed yourself and thanks for your answers Becky!
If anyone else wants to get involved contact me and I am more than happy to have you!


Throwback Thursday #4

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday number #4 is all about Lisa from Pass The Prosecco Please!

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favorite band?
    I was a complete boyband lover, and 911 were my absolute favourites.  I went and watched them live age 14 and climbed a telegraph pole so I could wave at them. Oh, the shame!
  2. What was your favorite movie?
    I wasn’t a huge movie person as a teenager, but it was the era of teen-slasher movies like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Blair Witch Project, so I watched plenty of those.  Armageddon was a huge one as a teen.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
    Emo wasn’t really a thing when I was a teen, everyone seemed to either be a Goth, Chav or Boff(nerd).  I didn’t really fit into any of them, I was more a hippy-geek, with my plaited bunches, embroidered jeans and Shaun the Sheep backpack.
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    I told a huge fib about how I wasn’t scared of needles and how I’d had an operation and they didn’t phase me, and then when I went for my BCG I sat in the chair and promptly did a runner as soon as the bird pulled the needle out.  When they caught me about a mile away I was dragged back and then I fainted as soon as she jabbed me.  I never lived that one down.  I also dislocated my shoulder and had to be carried half way round the cross-country route by my Welsh PE teacher, like a full fireman-carry.  I was so embarrassed.
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    Yes, I let myself be bullied and taken the p*ss out of constantly.  I was bullied badly and so painfully shy I let people treat me like sh*t and take the mick constantly.  It was an unhappy time for me, I wish it could have been so different.
  6. What was favorite drink?
    Irn Bru, it was the best.
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Not at all, I was ‘sad’, as above I was just one of the hangers on that was a bit of a target for bullies.
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    Byker Grove and Knightmare, they were the best!
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    A vet or a teacher.  As it goes I get way too emotional about animals and I don’t like children(apart from my own) so neither was going to happen!
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!
    I don’t have any photos of me as a teenager, they are all in a box at my mums!

Lisa is a 30-something mum of one, a blogger and a keen wine drinker.  You can find her random writings over at passtheproseccoplease.co.uk
Twitter link – twitter.com/passtheprosecco
Facebook link- facebook.com/passtheproseccoplease

Lisa, you sound like you were the cutest teenager! I must see a picture of these plaited bunches with your shanu the sheep bag! Sorry to hear you were bullied though, what a horrible thing to go through!

I hope you all enjoyed number #4 on the Throwback Thursday fun!
-WeeOhana x


Throwback Thursday #2

Throwback Thursday

My guest blogger for Throwback Thursday number two is – Ruth Cartwright, teacher and blogger over at craftwithcartwright!

So; think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favourite band?
    My Favourite band was Nirvana, I had all the albums and even scrapbooked about them.
  2. What was your favourite movie?
    Truly, Madly, deeply. I’m still a big weepie fan now.
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into? (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc)
    I was a grunge queen!
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    I once re dyed my hair peroxide blonde and it went blue instead. Had to have all my hair shaved off to be allowed back into school.
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    Kissing the boy who gave me glandular fever, my health was a slippery slope downhill after that.
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Hooch and 20/20. I don’t know how I drank them, they were gross. I don’t drink now.
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Of course!
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    Buffy the Vampire slayer.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I wanted to be a marine biologist. I should have stuck to sciences rather than the arts.
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!

    I’m the one with the pink buzz cut in the middle.

Ruth Cartwright, mother, teacher, designer, blogger. Full time tea drinker.
My blog craft with cartwright is a lifestyle blog, with recipes, reviews, crafts and tutorials.


Twitter link – www.twitter.com/craftcartwright
Facebook link- www.facebook.com/craftcartwright
Instagram link – www.instagram.com/craftcartwright


I hope you enjoyed Ruths answers! I really did!
Nirvana & Buffy the Vampire Slayer were right up my street then too!
-WeeOhana x


Throwback Thursday #1

Throwback Thursday

I thought I would start something new for a bit of fun on my blog! I hope you enjoy and if you want to get featured leave a comment and I will get the questions sent out to you! =]

First up is Cheryl from mummyof5miracles.com

Think back to when you were a teenager and answer these questions!

  1. What was your favourite band?
    I was full blown into cheesy pop ( who doesn’t love a bit of cheese!) So I would say Steps, I loved their dance moves, I’m loving the fact they’re back and with the dances to learn!
  2. What was your favourite movie?
    Clueless ! No idea why I just loved it, I think its cuz she was everything that I never have been and never will be! Haha
  3. What stereotype would you say you fitted into?
    (Emo,Chav,nerd..etc) Ermm I really wasn’t one…. If I had to put myself into a catergory it would probably be Girl-next-door with a tiny touch of little shit.
  4. Tell us a funny story about something that happened!
    My bestfriend and I were quite frankly a bit nuts, we both had older boyfriends with cars ( we were at school! For the record Ellie my darling almost that age daughter its not big nor clever and they just break your heart 😉 ) Anyway back to the story , We went out in the cars I can’t remember where we went but we were drinking thunderbirds ( me and the bestie not the lads driving) , My mate threw the bottle up in the air and it landed on one of the bonnets and dented it, as you can imagine they weren’t thrilled but we found it hilarious!
  5. Is there anything you regret that you did back then?
    Not ignoring the bullies and concentrating on myself instead. Due to being bullied I never wanted to go to school and this in turn meant I slipped from a grade A student to just scraping by. I should have kept my head down, who knows where I would be now if I had.
  6. What was favourite drink?
    Alcoholic or Soft? Alcoholic was something girly like Reef, although I had been known to drink white lightening ( ewww) Soft drink would be Lilt
  7. Did you think you were cool?
    Not even a tiny bit cool! I was a bit of an inbetweener. I wasn’t a geek but I wasn’t a cool kid either I was just there.
  8. Is there any T.V show you watched that you wish they still showed?
    There was a programme on cbbc that nobody else seems to remember but it was called The Biz and was all about a stage school with a rather hot looking Paul Nicholls in it.
  9. What did you want to do when you grew up?
    I wanted to be an entertainer in holiday parks, I wanted to be on stage and for people to love being around me. I did that job too! For a few years and loved it. I loved it even more after a careers advisor told me it was very unlikely I would get the job and I should probably go for a ‘real’ job
  10. Share a picture of you then and now!
    I’ve attached 2 pictures, the one in the black and red top on the first pic is me, the one on the right is me on the more recent pic. Unfortunately we aren’t like Ant and Dec so don’t stay on the same side haha. I probably could have found more flattering pics but wanted to show the friendship still there if that makes sense.

www.mummyof5miracles.com is my blog. I blog about anything and everything, it could be about a baby or a teenager, a recipe or health it really depends on what’s going on at the time. I like to think all of my post are either entertaining or relevant to the subject.
Twitter link – www.twitter.com/mummyof5miracle  … there is no S on my twitter account because it wouldn’t fit!
Facebook link- www.facebook.com/mummyof5miracles
Instagram Link –www.instragram.com/mummyof5miracles

I hope you have enjoyed Cheryls answers!
I’m interested in to how the dented car ended!! Did you see the guys again and were they not really mad?!

WeeOhana x


Traditional Sweets!

Sugar Mice! These little sweets full of sugary goodness hold some great memories for me! When I saw a recipe for them in my daughters magazine I knew that I just had to make them! When I looked at the recipe I was amazed at how few ingredients they actually required! With it coming up to my dads birthday I decided that I would make them for him, seeing as he loves them and they seem to be one of the few sweets he eats!

The memories that they hold for me are greatly linked to my dad too! He loves rugby, he is a very huge rugby fan! Hence the present I have got him (WRU polo shirt!) So, anytime that went to a rugby match over in Wales, we used to get a bus in from my aunties house, then walk from the stop we always got off at, through a little market and he would always go into this little old sweet shop that had the sweets in the big jars, and sugar mice! He would come out with one each for all of us, we would then thoroughly enjoy eating them then,then carried on the walk to the rugby ground!

Now, onto the recipe!

Ingredients! (Makes 12)

  •  1 Egg White
  • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice
  • 500g Icing Sugar (Sifted)
  • Pink Food Colouring
  • Small Chocolate Sprinkles (or something small for eyes)
  • Thin String (strawberry laces also work!)
  • Baking tray, lined with baking parchment


  1. Put the egg white into a bowl and whisk until it turns foamy
  2. Slowly add in the icing sugar and stir as you are doing it. It will turn into a dough!
  3. Divide the mixture into two bowls and add some pink food colouring and kneed it into the dough type mixture.
  4. Break off conker sized pieces and then roll them into a cone shape. The narrow end will then be the mouses nose.
  5. Pinch little cute ears on to the mouse, then use whatever you have chosen for the mouses eyes and push them in.
  6. Cut a length of the string and then push it into the dough at the back.
  7. Use the Pink food colouring to add a little nose.
  8. Repeat until you have used all of the mixture and then leave them on the baking tray to dry out for at least 12 hours!
  9. ENJOY! =D

It is a lot harder to make that little mouse shape than it looks to be honest! I would love to see if you guys have made these and how you found it! My little girl tried to help make these and she just ended up getting annoyed at it! She decided to just make a “Mouse squish” .. basically just crushed the mixture! lol!

Have you ever had these before? If not, you really should try them out! =]
Any other traditional sweets that you used to have?

WeeOhana xx



Today we went for a walk, in a lovely forest that we have been too on several occasions. We normally walk around this forest looking for birds,foxes, badgers, squirrels, rabbits and lots of other furry creatures. Sometimes we have seen the Gruffalo hiding in the trees too! Today we were excited to see what lovely creatures we could find, and if we could spot the Gruffalo lurking about in the trees again!

IMAG4493This was our happy and excited faces! All full of fun and a great love for the outdoors.. until we came across a rather upsetting image! = [


The trees where we used to love getting lost in, where we would have great fun trying to find animals, we would stand for ages looking into trying to find wonderful animals and making shapes .. all gone, destroyed.. and every corner we turned around there seemed to be more and more tree.. gone! It was just horrible. Trying to explain it to my little girl was rather, challenging! I explained it by saying; “imagine if you were sitting in your house with mummy, daddy & Dylan then someone just appeared with a big digger and knocked it down, you would have to forget all of your toys and everything in the house and just run away and try and find somewhere safe, hoping that they wouldn’t come again!” How would you have described this to your little ones? She seemed down right devastated by the idea, asking all sorts of questions about the wildlife.. where would they go, what if they didn’t get out, are they sad, where will they live.. and every other question under the sun! If only I could provide all the answers! I don’t think I’ll be going back there for a walk anytime soon!

Though on a funny note, going out to nanny’s my little girl decided she needed protection from the rain!

Swimming goggles are always the best thing to wear in the rain.. you know, just in case there is a urgent requirement to swim through a puddle!

What do you guys think about Deforestation? It made me pretty sad to see a place where 1. we have plenty of lovely, happy family memories in this beautiful forest looking for animals and the such! 2. All those poor little animals! =[

Have your children done/said anything funny recently? My little girl is such a chatter box and is constantly asking questions she shouldn’t be, or coming off with the most randomest of ideas!

Please do let me know! I love a good old giggle!

Weeohana xxx