Simple Must Try Fun!

With my little girl just starting preschool we have been trying to find ways to keep her busy but aren’t that strenuous as she is coming out of preschool exhausted and grumpy! She is really enjoying herself which is such a great thing and I’m starting to get used to the afternoon classes rather than the usual ones! This week is her first week of being in everyday! The hubby came home from work and was greeted by an exhausted me (my little man has lost his great sleeping ='[) and a hyper, yet grumpy girl as she was knackered! Until he announced that he had a fantastic idea! I sighed.. expecting it to be something utterly ridiculous, loud and messy… to my surprise it was not!
He looked at me and said “i just need some string and a hanger?” I was a bit suspicious.. what could you do with a bit of string and a hanger? This did not sound like fun.. it sounded like a big old let down! My oh my was I wrong!
I watched as he tied a bit of string from our door handle to the fire place, then ran upstairs and appeared with a hanger and my little girls favorite teddy/puppet who has fittingly been called “Monkey” .. I’m sure you can guess, he is monkey! She was bouncing about the place asking me what it was for and she was getting very excited… and I just was just very confused by it .. he then announced it was a Zip-line! I still couldn’t see how.. until he showed us!

As you can see by the look on her face.. this was one of the best things she had ever seen! She thought this was so fantastic! Such a simple idea and she had hours of fun! Everyday since she has had the zip-line!

So all you need is a length of string and two places to hang it.. the higher the better and a kids trouser hanger!
Little miss got a bit concerned that it would hurt her lovely toys, so we got them to “hold” on with there hands!

This is how monkey and how he held on! =]

Such a simple thing, yet entertained my little ones for ages and the dog! She thought it was great trying to catch a moving target.. Little miss didn’t appreciate this too much though so Lilo got a pigs ear and was happy as Larry to let the Zip lining continue! =] Little Miss loved it so much she even had to facetime nanny so that she could see the fun monkey was having!

Do you guys have any simple things that your little ones love?
If you try this let me know what your little ones think! =D

WeeOhana x


Belfast Zoo!

We woke up and the sun was shining! We decided to promptly get in the car and head to the zoo for a family trip seeing as the hubby was off and it was a lovely day! Though on our way up. the rain started and even though it tried, it did not damped our spirits! Whenever we got there we just made sure to get our little girl a poncho so that she would be kept dry and happy! Out little mans hood on his pram was huge so it would cover him and keep him dry enough!

On we went, we saw lots of animals, but we were very disappointed that the bears were being kept inside! It was to make there enclosure better for them though, so that makes it ok! =] In Belfast zoo they have a very large hill.. we decided to ignore it and not go up to the top of it because last time if I remember correctly there wasn’t very much up there but our reason this time.. was the huge hailstones that came out of nowhere.. they were the biggest hailstones that I had ever seen! We ran for cover up at the monkeys! We ended up staying in there for about an hour.. and it was great! My little girl was looking through the glass when a young monkey came up to the glass and stuck its tongue out at her! It made her day, and seeing her so happy made us forget about just how soaked we had got running for cover!


These little lovebird Bats were my husbands favorite thing that he saw in the zoo! He got very excited by being able to see some! They were very cute as you can see! =]

My daughter really loved this giant tarantula that you could climb on! We had to go back to it several times for her! She loves creepy crawlies!

We were disappointed though by the souvenir shop as we could not find a single thing that we wanted to get for the kids, nor could the little ones! So that was a bit of a let down as we really wanted to get something as a little memory!