Mountpanther Farm Park

We headed off on a bit of a road trip to go and explore a farm that  I had heard lots of good things about and it did not disappoint. Mountpanter Farm Park is located just outside Newcastle and is easily found with the handiness of todays technology, my sat nav took us right to the entrance.

When we arrived I really wasn’t too sure what to expect, we parked in the over flow carpark which already had several cars in it so I was a little apprehensive that the place was going to be pretty busy and Dylan would not enjoy it, but once we got in we realised it was actually rather peaceful! I was really impressed at the price- £24 for a family pass, which also included free bags of fed for the animals and we also got free tickets for the barrel ride as we arrived before 1am and then paid a little extra to go on the deer safari.

The first thing we noticed when we entered was this beautiful little deer relaxing on the lawn, after a quick chat with a worker we learned that she was being bottle fed and hand reared before joining the rest of the deers as her mother wasn’t producing milk. She was adorable and it was amazing to be able to get so close to the little one, she took a liking to Dylan and decided to follow him around for a little bit.. he wasn’t so keen on the friendship!

We then went off to see what else we could find, and we found a room with lots of different animals in. My daughter really loved cuddling the puppies and if she could have sneaked one home she would have, guinea pigs which she sat with for ages despite having two at home to love on, snakes, bearded dragons, hedgehogs and parrots to name a few. Dylan didn’t like this room as it was a little crowded so Ad quickly took him out when he started to get upset but Amellia loved it!

After that we carried on exploring and went out the back which had lots of open space which was perfect for Dylan after the upset earlier. A great climbing frame, swings, and slides, a big bouncy pillow, go karts and more animals to walk around and feed!
Dylan was straight onto the bouncy pillow, unfortunately this meant his shoes had to come off.. they then had to stay off the rest of the day. Amellia really enjoyed the go karts and was the wonderful sister she is put Dylan on the back of hers and pedalled him round while Ad ran along behind incase Dylan decided to dive off.

Then we went for a walk around the animals and enjoyed feeding them. Dylan really liked the goats and laughed while they ate off my hand but wasn’t quite brave enough to let them eat of his and Amellia loved the Alpaca and couldn’t believe how smooth they felt were and how gentle it felt when they ate off her hand.

We then got a bite to eat from the van there which Amellia really enjoyed, she is such a foodie. It was rather tasty, and we had packed a few snacks for Dylan as you will know if you have read previous blogs, he is not good when it comes food.

The Barrel ride was next on the list of things to do, which both the kids totally adored! Amellia sat right up at the front despite the lady telling her all the dirt came up on you more if you were at the front, I suppose that adds to the fun doesn’t it! Dylan and myself sat further back I wasn’t too keen on getting all the dirt in my face. Amellia was all excited when we got off as she had loved the ride and what was even more exciting was that we got to go by an abandoned house which she thought was incredible!

Afterwards we went on the deer safari which was great fun, you were in a trailer going over the fields and then came to the deer. They told us lots of information about them and then asked if anyone had any questions, Amellias hand shot up. I had no idea what she was going to ask… “How many times a day do they poo?” Only my child would ask this, she is obsessed with poo!


Before we went home we headed to the indoor play area which was full of bouncy castles, obstacle courses, slides and a giant sandpit. They had so much fun messing around together, Amellia helped Dylan to climb up the slides and he was then running around shouting “sissy” every time he couldn’t see her, it was bloomin adorable.

We had an amazing family day out, the best day out we have had in ages. I highly recommended this place for lots of fun, laughs and everything a family day should be full of.



Newcastle Adventures #3

After all that excitement from on the plane and the tram it was onwards to go and do a spot of shopping in Newcastle! First off though we grabbed a bite to eat from a lovely little Chinese shop, they were fantastic! I hadn’t ever had them before but I think they were called dumplings? Here they are;


We then headed on to find me an outfit to wear out that night, we must have exhausted all the shops looking for a pretty dress, but we just couldn’t find anything that jumped out at us! So I settled for an AC/DC top, shorts & tights! In a funny way it reminded me of myself before I became a mum! I used to wear shorts and tights all the time and used to have a rocking AC/DC t-shirt, that I haven’t been able to squish into for a long time now! I didn’t feel to bad though!


While we were walking back up the main street.. Newcastle is huge by the way! A lot bigger than I had expected and I was nearly getting Louise to get a lead for me as I was pretty scared of getting lost in such a huge place! We saw an Owl, now she is obsessed with owls; so she spent nearly ten minutes talking to the lady about the owl and stroking it, next we bumped into a beat boxing spider man, he was pretty impressive though! It was then time to head back to her apartment and get ready for going out to dinner and having some cocktails!


We headed out to the Alchemist! I have never seen such an impressive cocktail list and with so many of them that did funky stuff; It took me a long time to choose what one to have first and then to order some food. When it all came I was very impressed, extremely tasty and those cocktails were strong! We then headed onto another pub to have a few drinks and a dander around to see the bridges lit up at night! There was an awful lot of bridges!

The next day was spent mainly recovering until it was time to go and see Madina Lake, which you are read all about here!

The next day was time to come home and the whole trip had gone far too fast, though not quite as fast as the power walk Louise decided to take me on to see her new house! I do now know how she walks so fast! I ended up with a stitch and I was so knackered I couldn’t wait to sit down in the taxi! She had a little giggle at how when she went really fast, I had to jog to keep up!


The flight home went smoothly and my wonderful family were waiting to pick me up.. my daughter had some wonderful comments “I forgot what you looked like” & “Your a cow noob” .. kids are great!

My next adventure is to Manchester with my sister to go to BlogOnXmas in September! =D

Newcastle Adventure #1
Newcastle Adventure #2



Newcastle Adventures #2

As I stepped off the plane I was greeted by a sunny, warm and welcoming day! The flight had gone really well, landed smoothly and I couldn’t wait to see my best friend! I jollied through the airport and was greeted with a giant hug!
Thankfully she had already got me my metro ticket to get back to hers, as the que to get one was massive and as we got to the station there was a metro waiting! Perfect timing! We sat on the back carriage facing out the window, it was lovely! It wasn’t far on the metro to get to the stop by her house, and we enjoyed just chatting and deciding what we would do while I was over!
As it came to our stop, we got up and the metro was just about to stop when a fellow behind us started making some funny noises, personally I thought he was a drunk man just mumbling to himself and didn’t want to look round to cause more issues, thankfully though my friend did!
Just as she looked back he started to fit! Luckily for him she is a nurse and knew what to do to help him! As she laid him down on the floor with his hoody under his head myself and another young girl looked for a button to press to make sure the train didn’t move on,  we found it, the train driver came down the train and then decided to go to the next stop! All the while this young fellow was having a fit on the floor. While this was all taking place I chatted to a lady who was sitting close to him and she said that he had jumped on the train with several bottles of alcohol with the security tags on them, they then all started to roll about the train when it moved, so we collected it all up so to ensure that it didn’t hit his head!

At the next stop a few of his ‘friends’ got on who knew him and said that he was epileptic, and after asking them if they knew any contact numbers for his family or siblings they said no then jumped off the metro with all the alcohol when the driver finally stopped at the next stop and didn’t move again as he had realized what was happening. They did then come back.. but they were obviously a lot more concerned about the alcohol!
As my friend did everything that she knew that would help the lad a doctor came down the metro and asked her if she was ok and I explained that she was a nurse, so he called for an ambulance and explained what was happening and all these medical terms, I stood there being pretty useless not sure what to do or how to help! My friend though, she was being amazing! Keeping as calm as possible, talking to the young fellow and timing his fits. When the ambulance crew arrived she explained how long the fits had been, what she had done! They then tried to take his blood pressure, etc but he wasn’t very happy so they had to sedate him and even after that he went off the metro kicking and screaming not quite sure what was happening to him.
It was a very scary experience as all I wanted to do was help, but I hadn’t a clue what to do; thankfully my friend went into work mode and did the best she could to look after him and make sure that he was in the best position, his pulse etc was ok too.
That day I grew even prouder of my friend, I got to see her in action and potentially safe a life.
Adrenaline was high, nerves were high and thoughts were going a millions miles a minute! The ambulance crew had arrived though and were dealing with him, so it was time to get the metro back to her house and sit down for thirty minutes after the whole ordeal before heading out to explore!

Newcastle Adventure #1
Madina Lake
Newcastle Adventure #3

-WeeOhana x


Newcastle Adventure – Part #1

Recently I took a trip to Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit my lovely best friend! I was super excited and on the count down as I just couldn’t wait to visit her.. until the time got really close.. I had to fly by myself for the first time and leave my kiddies! Mind you I was only gone for 2 nights.. so I knew they would be fine really! The what ifs, buts and maybes filled my head though.. but on wards I went and didn’t let it dampen my spirits!

We woke up bright and breezy and I put on some comfy yet awesome clothes for the flight! We left my little girl to the in-laws so that they could walk her to school for us and headed up to the airport! Dylan fell asleep in the car on the way up which made it far simpler as he isn’t a fan of when someone gets out of the car, it gets him rather upset! I said my goodbyes and headed on my way, checking several times that I had my phone, purse and my boarding pass would load on my phone! My boarding pass scanned perfectly and it was on-wards to the awkward security!

It had a long line, so my nerves just built up, I thought to myself; simple just walk through and not look suspicious it will all be fine.. apparently I take after my mum with the whole suspicious walk even though you aren’t thing! Thankfully they didn’t go through my bag as I have a few loafs of Veda bread in it for my friend.. so it would have probably stirred a few looks.. but I had to go in this machine that spins round you! Though I told you I wasn’t suspicious so, it came back ok and I got sent on my way!
I mosied about the airport for a little while and then the ingenious little EasyJet app pinged on my phone to tell me my gate had opened! I didn’t even have to go in search of one of those boards with 100s of flights in tiny writing on! Relief!
As I got to the gate everyone was queuing already waiting to get on.. but I just took a seat and left them too it.. why fight to get on a plane when you already have seat numbers!

As we all sat down on the flight someone came on and said they were sitting in the seat beside me that was already taken.. lots of checking of seat numbers etc, and then they realized the person beside me was on the wrong flight! She was meant to be going to Barcelona ..  how disappointed would you be if you ended up in Newcastle instead of Barcelona!
She then got took off the flight then the flight attendants went into army mode.. my row and the one behind and in-front had to get off the seats while the pulled apart the seats and checked she hadn’t put anything anywhere and they then went on to check all the hand luggage on the flight belonged to someone on the flight.. It was pretty scary, but fantastic to see how quickly and efficiently! It was time to take flight, wave goodbye to Belfast, read my book and listen to some music and .. well 40 mins and I had landed in Newcastle!


Newcastle Adventure #2
Madina Lake
Newcastle Adventure #3





From Them, Through 10, To You

I recently took a trip to Newcastle to visit my lovely friend who now lives over their and to see a band that got me through a lot of tough times when I was younger and still to this day, listen too! When they announced that they were doing a reunion tour to celebrate their album From Us, Through Them, To You being ten years old.. I knew I had to go! They didn’t have a Belfast gig on their list though so I was pretty disheartened until my buddy suggested I came over their to see them and spend some days with her! Perfect! I was super excited to be getting to spend a few days away from reality, seeing my best chum and going to see Madina Lake live again, when I thought I wouldn’t ever get to see them again!


On release day of the tickets I grabbed my buddy and me some and booked my flights! The countdown was on! Then they released that they were doing V.I.P upgrades .. I had to check it out and was sure I would be scrapping about to find money, as I just had to get to meet these guys.. no matter how awkward I was going to be (Oh boy was I!) when I saw that it was only £15 I jumped on it and texted my friend to say that I had bought us V.I.P upgrades! They said it included an exclusive acoustic set, photos, and early access to the gig.. unfortunately they didn’t do an acoustic set, which I was pretty disappointed about as I was really looking forward to that, but I still got to meet them, get a signed poster and have a chat.. an awkward chat at that! lol

When they released their support acts I headed on to Spotify to have a listen and I was not disappointed, I fell in love with them!

Anyway.. on to the gig! We had to email on the morning to See Tickets as they hadn’t sent out the tickets for the V.I.P part or an email to tell us any details but it was quickly sorted on live chat when they told us to be there for 4:45 and we would be going in at 5. We got there at 4:30 and sat down on the front step to wait along with a few others who were there!
We sat there.. until 5:20 and I decided it best to go and check with the lady at the desk what was going on, and she told us that the V.I.P didn’t start until 6! It was too late to go for a wander or go and find food at that stage so we just sat on the steps and chatted while we waited! We were then all asked if we were V.I.P and to line up at the door.. the security guy got a bit of a panic when he asked for our V.I.P tickets and we all told him that we weren’t sent them .. so he searched about and got a list out and checked us all off and in we headed! I’m a pretty nervous, shy and anxiety ridden person.. so when we first went in I just stood awkwardly about with my buddy not sure what was going on or what to expect and then out they came onto the stage.. They asked everyone if they wanted to come over to the barrier as we were all stood back.. so at least everyone was in the same boat as us! We went over and they did two songs, neither which were acoustic like we were told.. but hey ho! I was very impressed with the sound! With it being such a small venue I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away! Sounded great! After that they then called us all forward one by one to have our picture taken with them, So I gave them all a quick hug before standing in the middle of them and feeling extremely awkward and trying to keep my cool!

They then came around for a chat with everyone.. my friend and I stood back and looked overly awkward for a while, but then Nathan came over for a chat.. and as I always do my nervous energy came out and I was like a little overly excitable puppy! I’m sure he probably thought I was an idiot but it made him giggle when I was saying about how he must be getting fed up of people touching him etc! So, it was all cool! Then they had to go, more hugs and then they went before the gates got opened. We grabbed a drink and a quick pee before going back to the front row to wait to see the bands! We were stood in the left corner as being a bass player myself I always really enjoy watching other bassists play!

The first band on to play was That Lying Bitch! After listening to them on Spotify I knew they were going to be a bit of fun and full of energy and they sure were! There drummer was jumping about, up and down from his drums he was having so much fun it was great! They were a great start to the gig and got everyone singing along and jumping about with their catchy and quick to pick up on fun lyrics! One of my favorites from listening to them on Spotify was ‘Totally fucked for you’ and when they played it I couldn’t help but laugh and sing along! Just such great energy and a band I would go and see if they came over here!

Next on stage was Lacey! I had also hit them up on Spotify to see what I should expect.. I instantly was a big fan! I had listened to them that whole night after discovering them and then had listened to them in my car too! There sound, lyrics, everything I instantly fell in love with, my favorite song I had heard was ‘Find A Way’ but unfortunately they didn’t play that.. fortunately for me I knew all the rest and loved every second of their set! I was in for even more of a surprise when I found out that there lead singer was also the bassist.. just incredible! I was more than impressed and I am going to be keeping an eye and my fingers crossed that they head over here for a gig! If not I may have to hope they go to Newcastle again and I can see them when I am visiting my friend! On the way out we bumped into the lead singer/bassist, So I complimented him told him I had really enjoyed and was very impressed etc and he complimented my accent (I think its horrid!) They seem like lovely guys as well which always adds to how much you enjoy a band I think!

Then it was time for Madina Lake to come on! I reverted back to feeling like a teenage girl! The Auspice started playing and on they came and everyone went a little crazy! They were just wonderful and it really brought me back to when I saw them before! So full of energy, and they made sure everyone was having great fun in the crowd! They sounded great, and now I am just desperate to see them again and wish I had gone to a few of their gigs on this tour if I could have escaped reality for a little longer! I Think they will always be one of my go to bands when I’m wondering what to listen to or when I’m feeling a little low, there lyrics are just incredible. Really connect with a lot of their songs! I’m sure there bassist Matthew thought I was a little mad.. we were stood right in-front of him and most of the gig I spent bouncing about or watching his hands while he played.. I’m not sure if that’s the done thing, but being a bassist I always enjoy watching other bassists play! So Matthew, if you thought I was odd.. your right I am, sorry! 😛 I did particularly like your marches across the stage every so often with high knees though! I can’t wait to see if more is going to come from these guys, if another album is coming out, another tour.. or what! Though if that is them done now, then that’s cool, Settle down with their families and what not I would be happy with that as the last time seeing them.. But, if they do come back.. I will be more than ready to join them!


(Image quality has been lowered.. thanks WordPress.. So if anyone wants a copy of these images in their proper quality give me a shout!)