Pure Pet Food Review

Recently I was offered the chance to review some dog food for Pure Pet Food. I jumped on the chance as its pretty difficult to find food that sits well in Lilo’s tummy. When we give her treats that most dogs would love, she ends up throwing up and well.. this isn’t fun for her, or for us having to tidy it up! I am also aware that many dog foods on the market are full of things which aren’t too great for dogs! When I saw the list of  ingredients in this dog food, and that it was made in a human food facility, I couldn’t wait to give it a shot with our little pup!


We were sent the Turkey Terrific super sensitive food to try, when a small box arrived on my door step I was surprised. I wondered how I would be able to get even a few meals out of this to see what Lilo really thought or how it sat in her stomach.  I could not believe it when I opened the box. The food is dehydrated and this tiny little box makes up 2kg of food, I couldn’t believe it! The ingredients in the recipe are; 3 1/2 Turkey Breasts, 4 1/2 Parsnips, 1 1/2 potatoes, 125g Green Beans, 1/4 cabbage, 1/2 apple, 1 bunch of carrots and 200g of beef liver, and that’s it! How wonderful, all proper things that you and I would eat! To make it up you add the right amount of scoops of powder into the bowl for your dog’s weight and then some hot water, then  for the hard part for you dog… you have to leave it for 15 minutes to re-hydrate!

Lilo wasn’t too pleased with the whole waiting thing! She was jumping about and looking at me like I was mad with her bowl sitting on the counter. When I put it down she was a little confused, and wasn’t too sure on the whole thing, but tonight she had her last bowl of it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Though I now need to get anti-slip bowls.. by the time she had finished her dinner she had pushed the bowl all over the kitchen trying to get every last bit! When I first gave it to her I was worried about how I would keep all the dehydrated powder in the bag, but with a little look in the box I found that they also provided a little clip to keep the bag closed! Wonderful!
Pros: It doesn’t take up a lot of room as the box is so small for such a large amount of food, full of goodness and Lilo really enjoyed it!
Cons: Your dog has to wait a little which is not very fun for them!

The treats were absolutely amazing, I for one, always find that dog treats always have this horrible distinctive smell to them which I can’t stand, but these ones were just amazing. They smelt so incredible and again were just full of goodness! I gave them to Amellia so that she could give Lilo one or two.. as soon as she opened the pack she smelt them and said “Wow mummy these smell so good, I think humans can eat them too!” I then had to tell her no, they were just for Lilo, before she decided to sit down with Lilo and share them out!
Pros: They smelt amazing and were thoroughly enjoyed by Lilo!
Cons: My daughter wanted to eat them too!


If you fancy giving Pure Pet Food a try, here is a little link that will get you 40% off all of there starter packs! https://purepetfood.co.uk/pure-revolution 


Disclaimer: This food was sent to us free of charge in exchange for a blog. These are my own thoughts and opinions.





New Addition!

Meet our beautiful new addition to our little family; Lilo!
She is just so beautiful, cuddly and adorable! We got her when she was 6 weeks old, the poor litter of pups got rejected by there mummy, so we took her on! She has her second injection tomorrow which I’m a little nervous about! As long as she doesn’t throw a strop with me about it then its ok! =]

She is called Lilo because well, we love Lilo & Stitch if you didn’t already know! 😛 She is a Jack Russell x something.. the vet thinks that she is a Jack Russel x Shih tzu! What is your guess? I just love her little floppy ears, her fluffiness, she is just so wonderful! She is so cuddly and just lovely with the little ones! In-fact, my little boy seems to be her most favorite person in the family! Anytime he lays down to go to sleep, she just cuddles into him and falls asleep herself! But look at how just adorable it is when they cuddle!

Eeek, aren’t they just the sweetest little things! Though she does have a lot of fun with my little girl too! In particular wasting a lot of energy running about the garden and playing tug of war in the living room! Though they both need reminded when it is time to calm down.. or they would run hyper all day and night!

Though they all do love a cuddle together so that is always a positive!
She seems to be getting a hang of the toilet training business, when she needs to do a poo she barks at you which is just fantastic.. wee’s well we are getting there! Not too many accidents and I am very proud of her! So I won’t do bad to that!

This is her most favorite way to sleep! Look how tiny she is! ❤ Though not to tiny to be a handbag dog! 😛 Fluffy, happiness and beautiful all in one little place!


Have you recently got a new puppy or got an older dog now with any magical advice that you have for me?  =]
I am just loving having a little bundle of joy in my life! She is also fantastic company for me whenever the hubby is in work, aw she is just so cute & cuddly! =]
Shower me with pictures, advice and everything puppy! =D
WeeOhana x